Free Remote Desktop Connection Softwares list

Remote Desktop Connection allows you to use remote computer (home or office) from your local PC, so you will be able to access the remote computer screen sitting at home, this technology is also used in smart phones to connect mobiles to remote desktop.
Remote Desktop software helps you to share your PC screen with other people over the internet, once you install the software you will be able to access your PC from any place. Also you will be able to share your files from computer and you can initiate a chat with other user. [Read more…]

How to use Windows Mobile Remote Desktop

There are different web based remote desktop software’s like Logmein, Goto-assist, VNC, Team viewer. But ” remote desktop using mobile” it’s really amazing because? you get? access to your home or office computer anytime anywhere.

For instance, if you need urgent access to your home computer for sending, receiving a file OR if you want to check the status of the program or server running on your computer windows mobile remote desktop definitely helps. [Read more…]