Google Chrome Adblock Extension

Recently, we posted a review of Firefox adblock plus ad blocker add-on by Wladimir Palant, Adblock plus is very popular and one of the best Firefox addon. Initially adblock for chrome was little difficult to find because, when Google launched its browser, they allowed only few add-ons to work with Chrome.

Basically, this ad blocker contains a java script that regulates the CSS of the particular web-page and hides the elements of the web-page that show advertisements to reader. Google Chrome users have tried different addons and extension scripts to get rid of annoying ads. [Read more…]

Firefox Adblock Plus Review

I have different browsers (beta versions for testing), but I find myself still using Mozilla Firefox, because there is a lot you can do with Firefox when it comes to customization and you can change the way you want.

Normally, when a web page loads in Firefox or any other browser, we all quite annoyed by all those video ads and flash ads, some times as soon as you click on a link in? Google search, before the content? there are at-least 2 horrible ads welcome you with music and video’s. Majority of sites on internet are using contextual ads,? [Read more…]

How to Disable some specific add-on in Internet Explorer

This is especially useful when Internet explorer crashes, hangs or slow to start even when it gives some error message.These browser issues probably caused by an add-on. Some buggy add-ons may monitor your web browsing habits and also it can? gather your personal information. [Read more…]

Opera 10.53 Beta Fastest Browser for Windows

Opera introduced a new JavaScript engine “Carakan” and a new graphics library system called Vega which improves the speed of browser.
Opera 10.5 is available for windows based computers. Opera 10.50 is currently available for Windows and comes in 42 different languages. Mac and Linux versions are coming soon.

Best Feature of Opera 10.5
: After using the browser for myself I liked the design and the feature i.e Turbo mode, If your using a slow internet connection Turbo mode compresses the web-pages, So web pages loads faster.
You have Private tab or even private window browsing option, Here Browser will clear all the traces of browsing history, And also Windows 7 and Vista os,? Makes Opera 10.5 compatible with Aero Glass, Aero Peek and Jump Lists with these platforms.
Web Designers tools for developers -Opera 10.50 includes improved standards support for HTML5 and CSS3 .All in all I’d say its a good browser.


Free Opera Browser Download for Windows (Opera 10.53 More Innovative and powerful)