Fix WordPress Visual Editor Problems

Some times after updating wordpress the default wordpress visual editor will not appear, this usually happens when you go for automatic update option in wordpress.

This issue exsist in WordPress 2.5 to latest 3.0.5 WordPress version. Some people try wordpress visual editor alternatives using different plugins. [Read more…]

What is the Difference between LCD and Plasma

Buying a television can be a time consuming and frustrating task for some. As we all know we do a small research on product which we buy, LCD and Plasma TV are flat panel televisions and both have advantages and disadvantages. So let’s check the difference between LCD and Plasma TV. [Read more…]

Create a Cartoon of Yourself for Free

There are many free web resources available which provides online photo or image editing. How about making a cartoon yourself for free without knowing photo editing software?s like Photoshop, Adobe etc.

Today, I have collected all the top websites which allows you to make a cartoon of yourself for free where you change the avatar and animate your picture. Cartoonize yourself!! [Read more…]

Best Free iPhone Apps for Photo Editing

Nowadays, iPhone is no longer a communication gadget for you, there are lots of apps available for photo editing as-well.

Looking for a really good free photo/image editor for iPhone?? Even if you have taken a great snap still it needs a little touch crop or re-size the image with other visual effects. So today here we are presenting some free photo editing apps for iPhone. If you?ve got any other free photo editing (image editor) apps for iPhone which we didn?t mention here, let us know about them in the comments. [Read more…]

Top 3 Mac OS X Style Themes for Firefox

I posted about ‘how to Increase Download Speed in Firefox using Flashgot‘ couple of weeks ago it?s been a while I didn?t publish anything related to browsers @ mentorlog. I have some collection which has beautiful color combination which suites Mac. Mac OS X style themes for Firefox

Now, show that you are a true Mac OS X fan even if you are running Firefox on Mac and Windows. [Read more…]

How to Reset an iPod shuffle

Some times iPod shuffle doesn’t respond? and in some cases it won’t turn on. If its frozen or not responding you can start troubleshooting with an iPod reset? and this will not affect your music files, Most of the time? resetting an iPod will fix the issue on all iPod shuffle version. Check the below picture for different iPod shuffle versions. (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations) [Read more…]

How to Reset Garmin Nuvi 295w GPS

If you find any sluggish behavior or delays while operating Garmin Nuvi 295w GPS you can reset it. Basically, hard reset will wipe all the data, settings and it restores default settings.
Note: A hard reset will wipe all data and settings from Garmin Nuvi 295w GPS. [Read more…]

How do I Unhide Friends on Facebook

I used to receive tons of news feed (wall posts) from my Facebook friends. I clicked on the “x” to the right of a friend’s wall post to hide his games and other application updates.

While doing this I got 3 options:

  1. Hide this post
  2. Hide all by “friend”
  3. Mark as a spam [Read more…]

Recover Files from Damaged CD and DVD

I was big fan of CD and DVDs until I started using flash drives (Pen drives). Few years ago most of us used CD and DVDs to back up all our important data and stored those disks in shelf or Kit. After few years now you have noticed those CD DVDs are heavily scratched and damaged. As you know a small scratch can result in a failure to read the information recorded on the CD. [Read more…]

Fix Bluetooth Issues on iOS 4.2.1 using Redsn0w 0.9.7 b5

How to Fix? the Bluetooth Issues

If you did jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 with redsn0w 0.9.7 beta 4 or its earlier beta versions many users faced bluetooth problems, this version is going to fix bluetooth problems. In order to fix the bluetooth issues all you have to do is first download Redsn0w 0.9.7 b5 for Mac and re-run the Redsn0w 0.9.7 b5 on your device. [Read more…]