What is msmpeng.exe in Task Manager?

We often check task manager when computer gets slow or behaves as if tons of application running . You might have noticed a process called msmpeng.exe running with maximum CPU usage. msmpeng.exe is nothing but your Windows defender anti spyware program from Microsoft.? Your computer may slow down due to many reason, It may be antivrus or any other application consuming high CPU. [Read more…]

Shutdown Computer using Command Prompt

Computer administrators are familiar with various Windows DOS commands.? These commands are very useful for network administrators to shutdown Windows remotely via command line. Today, I am going to share some useful computer shortcuts to shutdown computer with command prompt remotely and locally. This includes shutdown, restart, logoff, and close all application using command prompt. [Read more…]

The Best Way to Speed up Windows 7 | Top 5 Performance Tweaks

  • Upgrade RAM for Windows 7

If you?re migrated from Windows XP to Windows 7 with 1GB RAM you must upgrade your RAM to 2 to 3 GB, so that you can enjoy all the Windows 7 visual effects (Aero Peek and Aero Snap features in Windows 7).

  • Speeding up Windows 7 using USB drive/Pendrive

If you have no plans upgrading the RAM you can always make use of Windows 7 Ready Boost feature.

How to Setup the Ready Boost Feature in Windows 7 [Read more…]