Cloud Storage Services Replace External Hard Drives!

If you?re in the habit of taking back up of your data, then we must say you are following a good practice. But our question is: Do you still use external hard drives, to take back up of your data? If you do, then we would like you to know that you?re still living in the past. It is a pretty renowned fact that cloud storage is taking over the external hard drive, at a great extent.

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SQL Update with Inner Join Syntax

Did you get a incorrect syntax error?

Update SQL with Join

UPDATE Table1 SET Table1.Field1 = StagingTable.Field1 FROM Table1 INNER JOIN StagingTable ON Table1.Field2 = StagingTable.Field2 [Read more…]

Top 3 Things to Hate about Facebook

pointless notifications


facebook homepage1

What is the Difference between LCD and Plasma

Buying a television can be a time consuming and frustrating task for some. As we all know we do a small research on product which we buy, LCD and Plasma TV are flat panel televisions and both have advantages and disadvantages. So let’s check the difference between LCD and Plasma TV. [Read more…]

Some Popular Xbox 360 Kinect Games

What The Xbox 360 kinect Games Review Say?? As per review, this revolutionary gaming device needs some more quality and more entertaining games. Before buying the Xbox 360 kinect don’t forget to set the room up in advance, because you may need to move computers and couches left and right. Xbox 360 kinect fitness gaming concept is really good, you can also make use of voice command to load the game and switch between various menus. But still some people complain motion sensor is slightly laggy, it happens only with some games. [Read more…]

Google Boost Ads for Local Business Owners

Google is offering Geo-targeted new online advertising solution for small business owners, so they can connect with their customers to specific region, Google Boost ads will appear in the sponsored area of and Google Maps as well.? Google hopes that this new service supports local business owners to promote their products and services because Geo-targeted ads? increases more visibility and chances of being found on Google. [Read more…]

Belkin USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Products

Belkin USB 3.0 Hi Speed Products

There is always better options than buying a new computer. You can use new technology devices or upgrade existing one. We often connect our smartphones and other gadgets to pc, so using? USB 3.o you will really see the difference because of it’s high data transfer rate.

Not just routers, Belkin is the current market leader in USB connectivity products, I’m going to sum up here few products which they released recently. [Read more…]

Download Opera Mini 5 Beta to your Android phone

opera for Android

A few weeks back here we dropped information about Opera Mini 5 for Apple,? Now Opera Mini 5 beta is available for Android users who have been stuck with opera mini 4.2,? Opera mini is new entry to the world of compressed browsers. This browser compresses data up to 90 percent before downloading web content to Android.
The Opera mini 5 beta is equipped with an updated features that includes a new? speed dial and thumbnails of most-visited sites.
Full details:

  • Creating new tabs is very easy
  • Password Manager
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Speed Dial:? This feature gives? you one-touch access to 9 of your favorite sites.

Opera says ?It makes your mobile browsing experience as close as it can be to your desktop experience.?
I don?t think it renders either JavaScript or Flash content still its beta version.

Download Opera Mini 5 directly to your Android phone- visit??

For more information Visit here

Opera 10.53 Beta Fastest Browser for Windows

Opera introduced a new JavaScript engine “Carakan” and a new graphics library system called Vega which improves the speed of browser.
Opera 10.5 is available for windows based computers. Opera 10.50 is currently available for Windows and comes in 42 different languages. Mac and Linux versions are coming soon.

Best Feature of Opera 10.5
: After using the browser for myself I liked the design and the feature i.e Turbo mode, If your using a slow internet connection Turbo mode compresses the web-pages, So web pages loads faster.
You have Private tab or even private window browsing option, Here Browser will clear all the traces of browsing history, And also Windows 7 and Vista os,? Makes Opera 10.5 compatible with Aero Glass, Aero Peek and Jump Lists with these platforms.
Web Designers tools for developers -Opera 10.50 includes improved standards support for HTML5 and CSS3 .All in all I’d say its a good browser.


Free Opera Browser Download for Windows (Opera 10.53 More Innovative and powerful)

Opera Announced its Opera Mini 5 for Apple iPhone

Opera browser worked on almost all mobile platforms.? Its iPhone turn now. Opera software is going to showcase its opera mini 5 for apple iPhone during 2010 Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona.

The iPhone has plenty of applications which works on both cellular and Wi-Fi network connections. Safari is also working brilliant with ?copy and paste? feature. Let?s see? Opera The world?s best mobile browser is giving.

Here is a quick look at features of Opera Mini 5 for Apple iPhone.

  • More faster browsing- faster download speed than safari,? its compression technology delivers the best? speed for browsing.
  • Speed dial bookmarks.
  • Password manager.
  • Advance look and user friendly.

Many iPhone user?s are happy with browsing experience and it?s capabilities but still user?s looking for more features.
I Hope we will see this Opera Mini 5 on Apps Store soon.

New arrival- Advance browser Opera 10.50 beta for Windows.