Create a Cartoon of Yourself for Free

There are many free web resources available which provides online photo or image editing. How about making a cartoon yourself for free without knowing photo editing software?s like Photoshop, Adobe etc.

Today, I have collected all the top websites which allows you to make a cartoon of yourself for free where you change the avatar and animate your picture. Cartoonize yourself!! [Read more…]

Recover Files from Damaged CD and DVD

I was big fan of CD and DVDs until I started using flash drives (Pen drives). Few years ago most of us used CD and DVDs to back up all our important data and stored those disks in shelf or Kit. After few years now you have noticed those CD DVDs are heavily scratched and damaged. As you know a small scratch can result in a failure to read the information recorded on the CD. [Read more…]

Free Remote Desktop Connection Softwares list

Remote Desktop Connection allows you to use remote computer (home or office) from your local PC, so you will be able to access the remote computer screen sitting at home, this technology is also used in smart phones to connect mobiles to remote desktop.
Remote Desktop software helps you to share your PC screen with other people over the internet, once you install the software you will be able to access your PC from any place. Also you will be able to share your files from computer and you can initiate a chat with other user. [Read more…]

Walmart Cyber Monday Deals and Special Discounts

Walmart Cyber Monday Deals 2010 is started, almost all online retailers taking part in Cyber Monday Deals. Amazon also has many offers for Christmas shopping season.? Walmart, which is the king of retail industry in US is offering great discounts on electronic products including? HDTV, DVDs, Gaming devices, Laptops, Notebook and Computers. [Read more…]

How to Play Youtube Audio Without launching Browser

We start online search for songs when we don’t find it in on our local play-list, most of the songs you can find it easily on Youtube but? many of us get distracted when we watch online video but still we want music played on our desktop, while doing any other paper work. I have been using different Youtube audio ripper and Youtube mp3 converter, but still I was looking for a app using which I can play only Youtube audio so that I don’t have to waste my time watching the online video.
Finally, we have free application i.e Quisple a Windows utility, which allows you to capture Youtube audio without launching the web browser.


Quisple for Youtube – Windows Utility Review

This utility is not a Youtube? video to audio converter, it only hides the video portion during playback and captures audio.? This app looks very tiny and simple, you have a? small search box where you can type the title of the song within seconds it will stream and play the song from Youtube. Current version of Quisple? is very simple, from now on you don’t have to open Youtube to play Youtube audio songs.

Free Download Quisple for Youtube