Top 5 Personal Air Vehicles | Flying Cars

Its everyone’s dream to own a flying car. Now, its not just a concept- technology is sound and engineers proved themselves designing high-tech flying cars. This year we have seen different flying car projects during the air-show’s. These new designs is going to fire the imaginations of aviators. [Read more…]

How to make 32GB USB Flash drive using Micro SD

Nowadays, almost all the laptops has inbuilt Micro SD memory card readers. But, still we are depend on USB ports for every day use, to connect external hub, mouse, printer etc. Because USB device’s are quick and easy to use, USB’s rapidly becoming more popular and coming down in price. [Read more…]

Top 3 Things to Hate about Facebook

pointless notifications


facebook homepage1

Incredible Clock|Typographic Look

When you think that there is no charm left in regular clocks and its design, go for some cool QLOCKTWO typographic clock. It’s a creation of? Biegert & Funk, this clock is fitted with light sensor for automatic adjustment to ambient light.. The front surface of this clock is made up of polished acrylic glass.? QLOCKTWO is available in different colors and different languages : German, English, french, Italian, dutch, Russian, danish, Swedish, Arabic, Swiss German and Spanish. [Read more…]