Top 3 Mac OS X Style Themes for Firefox

I posted about ‘how to Increase Download Speed in Firefox using Flashgot‘ couple of weeks ago it?s been a while I didn?t publish anything related to browsers @ mentorlog. I have some collection which has beautiful color combination which suites Mac. Mac OS X style themes for Firefox

Now, show that you are a true Mac OS X fan even if you are running Firefox on Mac and Windows. [Read more…]

Google Chrome Adblock Extension

Recently, we posted a review of Firefox adblock plus ad blocker add-on by Wladimir Palant, Adblock plus is very popular and one of the best Firefox addon. Initially adblock for chrome was little difficult to find because, when Google launched its browser, they allowed only few add-ons to work with Chrome.

Basically, this ad blocker contains a java script that regulates the CSS of the particular web-page and hides the elements of the web-page that show advertisements to reader. Google Chrome users have tried different addons and extension scripts to get rid of annoying ads. [Read more…]

How to Increase Download Speed in Firefox using Flashgot

We often download files from internet, in order to make our job easy there are many download manager addons available for Firefox,? Firefox built in download manger does only it’s basic job, that’s why I am using Download manager addon to speed up my downloading,?. The best part with this plugin is multi? part downloads, But the problem is some time you may restart downloading,? if the queue is more than 5. So I am trying a new addon i.e Firefox Flashgot [Read more…]

Firefox Adblock Plus Review

I have different browsers (beta versions for testing), but I find myself still using Mozilla Firefox, because there is a lot you can do with Firefox when it comes to customization and you can change the way you want.

Normally, when a web page loads in Firefox or any other browser, we all quite annoyed by all those video ads and flash ads, some times as soon as you click on a link in? Google search, before the content? there are at-least 2 horrible ads welcome you with music and video’s. Majority of sites on internet are using contextual ads,? [Read more…]