How to Remove Ads on Yahoo Messenger 11 using Ad Banner Remover Plus

I am sure many Yahoo user’s have already switched to Yahoo Messenger 11, New messenger always comes with some great features but the most annoying things on certain messengers are ads. In fact, some of them start playing ads as soon as you sign in to messengers. [Read more…]

Uniblue SystemTweaker 2011


This exclusive promotional offer is? from PC Advisor UK, after filling your contact details you will receive a valid license serial key for Uniblue System Tweaker 2011 for free. Plus, this license key provides? 1 year? active protection. Uniblue SystemTweaker 2011 is available for free download, [Read more…]

Firefox Adblock Plus Review

I have different browsers (beta versions for testing), but I find myself still using Mozilla Firefox, because there is a lot you can do with Firefox when it comes to customization and you can change the way you want.

Normally, when a web page loads in Firefox or any other browser, we all quite annoyed by all those video ads and flash ads, some times as soon as you click on a link in? Google search, before the content? there are at-least 2 horrible ads welcome you with music and video’s. Majority of sites on internet are using contextual ads,? [Read more…]

How to use Windows Mobile Remote Desktop

There are different web based remote desktop software’s like Logmein, Goto-assist, VNC, Team viewer. But ” remote desktop using mobile” it’s really amazing because? you get? access to your home or office computer anytime anywhere.

For instance, if you need urgent access to your home computer for sending, receiving a file OR if you want to check the status of the program or server running on your computer windows mobile remote desktop definitely helps. [Read more…]

Google Boost Ads for Local Business Owners

Google is offering Geo-targeted new online advertising solution for small business owners, so they can connect with their customers to specific region, Google Boost ads will appear in the sponsored area of and Google Maps as well.? Google hopes that this new service supports local business owners to promote their products and services because Geo-targeted ads? increases more visibility and chances of being found on Google. [Read more…]

Free Facebook Messenger for Desktop: Download Chit Chat

How do you chat with your Facebook friends? Is there any desktop messenger for facebook?? There are couple of reasons, why you don’t like browser based Facebook chat client.? Its quiet difficult to keep facebook page always open in your web browser. How about a facebook chat instant messenger,? so that you can use? just like Yahoo messenger, MSN instant messenger or Google, instead of regular browser based Facebook chat client . [Read more…]

How to Activate Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 for Free

Looking for powerful and free antivirus software? Download Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 (KIS2011)? for free worth $59.95. This giveaway is conducted by and this promotion is valid till December 3rd 2010. Normally if you go to official site ( you will get same license fully functional but only for 30 days of trial. [Read more…]

How to Use Free Norton Power Eraser Tool

Recently I have written article on How to remove computer virus for free, But there are some threats that impersonate legitimate programs which is very difficult to remove.

So Symantec has developed a great tool i.e Free Norton Power Eraser this tool can detect infections, which regular Anti-virus scan can?t detect. [Read more…]

Linksys Router WRT610N Features and Review

Linksys is a well-known wireless network solutions provider for home users and business. Now it’s introducing Linksys WRT610N, it’s a dual band ‘N’? wireless router. Dual-band refers to a router’s ability to function on two different frequency bands. [Read more…]

How to Find a Lost or Stolen Windows Phone 7

People carry their cell phones wherever they go, Everybody is worried about losing there cell phone especially when it comes to smart phones. When your phone get stolen, you can always call your service provider and block your service , but how to locate your stolen or lost Windows Phone? and erase the software? [Read more…]