How to Reset Belkin Wireless Router Password

I know lot of you have issues with your wireless routers, some times router becomes unresponsive or you can do this even if you forget login password. Resetting Belkin router password is easy process, but make sure it will restore router to its factory settings. Normally this procedure is recommended when you forget your default password or Belkin router default IP address changes. Follow the below mentioned instructions carefully.

How to Reset Belkin Wireless Router to Factory Settings

I have posted very simple instructions to follow. you can post questions if you have any.

  1. While performing Belkin router password reset, first unplug the modem cable and make sure router is powered ON.
  2. Its pretty hard to locate the the reset button- find the picture below for reference.
  3. Use tooth pick or paper clip and press the reset button , count at-least 10 seconds by holding reset button.
  4. Normally, all the lights starts flashing, and router will reboot within one minute. (This is the best way to check see if router is successfully reset)

Important Note: There are two different passwords when we talk about Belkin router passwords, the first one is router settings page password and second password is security key which is used to connect your wireless router from a computer or a gadget. In both the cases if you forget your password you can reset your router and reconfigure ans setup new passwords

belkin router reset password

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Internet and Wireless Light is Off??

Power off the modem and the Belkin router wait for at-least 30 seconds, Turn ON? the modem first and wait for another? 30 seconds and then power on the router and check if internet and wireless light is lit.

Feel free to ask any questions about Belkin wireless router password reset and troubleshooting


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