Microsoft Touch Mouse for Windows 7 | Review

Just like Apple’s Magic mouse, Microsoft has announced its new Microsoft Touch Mouse which works on BlueTrack multi-touch technology. ?Using this feature navigation has become very easy, it?s pretty easy to scroll and pan or gesture to zoom. This mouse definitely enhances Windows 7 navigation due to its multi touch capabilities. [Read more…]

Acer beTouch E140 with Android 2.2 Froyo

Acer? has already proven themselves for great design releasing some cool smartphones like Acer X960, F900, M900, DX 900. Now, Acer is introducing its brand new Android based smartphone known as beTouch E140, which is officially announced in UK. If you’re at all a Acer smartphone fan and are on the GSM side and love compact design then Acer beTouch E140 is a good option. The smartphone is runs on Android 2.2 Froyo operating system plus 3.2 megapixel camera this gadget is powered by 600 MHz processor. [Read more…]

Some Popular Xbox 360 Kinect Games

What The Xbox 360 kinect Games Review Say?? As per review, this revolutionary gaming device needs some more quality and more entertaining games. Before buying the Xbox 360 kinect don’t forget to set the room up in advance, because you may need to move computers and couches left and right. Xbox 360 kinect fitness gaming concept is really good, you can also make use of voice command to load the game and switch between various menus. But still some people complain motion sensor is slightly laggy, it happens only with some games. [Read more…]

Walmart Cyber Monday Deals and Special Discounts

Walmart Cyber Monday Deals 2010 is started, almost all online retailers taking part in Cyber Monday Deals. Amazon also has many offers for Christmas shopping season.? Walmart, which is the king of retail industry in US is offering great discounts on electronic products including? HDTV, DVDs, Gaming devices, Laptops, Notebook and Computers. [Read more…]

Mitsubishi AA090AA01 TFT LCD Monitor Review

Mitsubishi Electric has announced a? new 9.0-inch color TFT LCD (model number- AA090AA01), which comes with HD-QHD, 960 ? 540 format, this provides half the resolution of full high definition (full HD, 1,920 ? 1,080) screens both horizontally and vertically. [Read more…]

How to Increase Download Speed in Firefox using Flashgot

We often download files from internet, in order to make our job easy there are many download manager addons available for Firefox,? Firefox built in download manger does only it’s basic job, that’s why I am using Download manager addon to speed up my downloading,?. The best part with this plugin is multi? part downloads, But the problem is some time you may restart downloading,? if the queue is more than 5. So I am trying a new addon i.e Firefox Flashgot [Read more…]

Helpful Windows 7 keyboard Shortcuts

windows keyboard shortcuts

Be faster and become pro with your Windows 7, So we have a comprehensive? list of common Microsoft Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts which you can use? in Windows 7 computer by pressing a combination of? keys on your keyboard. [Read more…]

Top 10 Free iPad Apps

Just like any other gadgets, iPad application developer’s are busy in building new applications for apple ipad. There are plenty of different applications are available for iPad. In order? to get the most out of this gadget I am going to list? Top 10? Popular iPad Applications, which are very useful and its free.? [Read more…]