How to Setup Linksys Router and Configure

As I mentioned in? my previous post “Belkin Wireless Router Login and Setup” almost all the routers has same troubleshooting except the default IP address. Some users want to make use of all the advance features available in the web based router setup interface. Today, we will be discussing about Linksys router setup.

linksys router ip setup

How to Setup a Linksys Router

Setting up a wireless router requires users to undergo a process that can be intimidating to many people. In this article I will not be giving model specific instructions for setup and configuration (You can refer this article as general troubleshooting for all the Linksys models).

Normally, the process of router setup is seamless and automatic, when you buy Linksys router you will also be give a setup disk, Insert the setup CD that came with your router and follow the instruction wizard, This software detects your network settings automatically and helps you to finish installation without any problem.

Note: You may get error 323, if you have not connected cables correctly. Watch the video and if you still have problem connecting to internet then follow the below instructions.

Before we begin: Connect your modem directly to the computer using Ethernet cable and make sure you have internet connection.

  • Step 1. Connect cables: This setup requires cable connection to different ports. Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to any of the numbered ports on the rear of the router. Connect the remaining end to the Ethernet port on your computer. Connect a second Ethernet cable to the port on the router labeled “Internet.” Connect the other end of the cable to your high-speed modem. (Manual setup can be done on any computer Windows/Mac)


  • Step 2. Open your Web browser (internet explorer or safari MAC users) and enter “” [without quotations] in the address field (URL) and press enter on your keyboard.


  • Step 3. Linksys Router user name and default password: Once you access web interface by typing (default ip address) you will be prompted for user name and password so, leave the “User Name” field blank and enter “admin” in the “Password” field. (If it doesn?t work enter admin in both the fields). If it has been previously configured with a password it won?t accept the default password, you may have to reset your router.


  • Step 4. On the next screen you will see list of options like Router name, Host name, Do not change any settings here, Click on ?Wireless Network Tab? in order to choose a unique SSID (SSID is nothing but your wireless network name)

CABLE Internet: Comcast Internet, Cox Cable Internet, Charter Cable Internet, Time Warner Cable Direct and Road Runner etc. CABLE Internet users need to clone the MAC address of the computer.

DSL Internet: AT&T DSL Direct, BellSouth, AOL, Verizon Direct etc. DSL Internet users, change the Internet connection type to PPPoE? and enter the user name and password for the PPPoE connection which is given by your ISP.


How to Enable Wireless Security on Linksys Router

1. After logging in to the web interface by typing (default ip address), click on the Wireless Security tab.

2. Select any security Mode drop WEP or WPA, WEP works on all the computers but its not an advance security option.

3. Choose any password between 6 and 8 characters and? click Save Settings and then click Continue.

4. Once you login to router setup utility. Click on ?Wireless Network Tab? in order to choose a unique SSID (SSID is nothing but your wireless network name)

?Linksys Router Configuration and Troubleshooting

How to Reset a Linksys Router

1. You can perform router reset if you have forgotten your router?s username and password. Make sure your router is turned on.

2. Look for reset button, you need to press and hold the reset button for approximately 30 seconds, you can release the reset button once all the router lights starts flashing.

3. On some routers reset button will be at the back of the router, you will find a small hole with a reset button, you can use a paper clip or tooth pick to press the reset button

Power cycle your modem and router:

1. First turn all the device?s off (Modem, wireless router and computer)

2. Turn on modem first and wait for 10 seconds until all the lights get steady

3. Now, power on your wireless router and followed by computer.


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