What is msmpeng.exe in Task Manager?

We often check task manager when computer gets slow or behaves as if tons of application running . You might have noticed a process called msmpeng.exe running with maximum CPU usage. msmpeng.exe is nothing but your Windows defender anti spyware program from Microsoft.? Your computer may slow down due to many reason, It may be antivrus or any other application consuming high CPU.

Windows defender has real time protection and consumes maximum CPU in Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating system. If you think you don’t require this you can turn off this program and speed up your windows.

How to kill or Remove msmpeng.exe Process in Windows 7?


  • Go to Start and type “Windows Defender” in search
  • Click on Tools> Options >
  • Select Administrator and unchecked use this program and click on SAVE and you will get a? pop up window? shown below.

Windows Defender