The Best Way to Speed up Windows 7 | Top 5 Performance Tweaks

  • Upgrade RAM for Windows 7

If you?re migrated from Windows XP to Windows 7 with 1GB RAM you must upgrade your RAM to 2 to 3 GB, so that you can enjoy all the Windows 7 visual effects (Aero Peek and Aero Snap features in Windows 7).

  • Speeding up Windows 7 using USB drive/Pendrive

If you have no plans upgrading the RAM you can always make use of Windows 7 Ready Boost feature.

How to Setup the Ready Boost Feature in Windows 7

It?s quiet easy to setup USB drive for ready boost

ready boost

1. Insert USB drive/Pen-drive to USB 2.0 slot, open ?Computer? > Right-click the on USB Drive/Pen-drive > select ?Ready Boost? tab > tick the ?Use this device? checkbox.

2. Here you have an option to configure your ready boost and set its limits.

Ready boost feature in Winnows 7 helps a lot in improving computer performance, if you?re running more memory consuming applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Flash etc.

  • Increase Virtual Memory or Paging File in Windows 7

When it comes to Windows 7 optimization I am focusing more on RAM and memory size because as you know Windows 7 consumes more memory than Windows XP. If you think if there isn?t space in RAM you can use hard disk space as virtual RAM. By default its limited to some extend, so you can configure virtual memory yourself according to your usage.

Let?s check how to increase virtual memory

1. Right Click on My Computer icon , and then select Properties.

2. Select Advanced tab and click on setting button under ?Performance? section.

3. Go to Advanced tab in next window, press change button under virtual memory section

4.Recommended virtual memory or paging file size is 1.5 of physical RAM. set it as 4605MB if you?re using 3GB RAM.

  • Speed up Windows 7 using Essential Optimizing Software’s

I am recommending some free software’s which helps in Windows 7 optimization.

CCleaner: This software helps in speeding up Windows 7 booting process and also delete all unwanted data, Lets check what CCleaner perform:

Clean Up Your Disk and speed up Windows 7 boot process

This software helps in removing unused and old entries, including File Extensions, ActiveX Controls, ClassIDs, ProgIDs, Uninstallers, Shared DLLs, Fonts, Help Files, Application Paths, Icons and Invalid Shortcuts.

You can also clear browser cache and temp files, cookies, download history, form history etc.

Remove junk Software?s and make windows 7 faster

Instead of disabling some visual effects, I recommend uninstalling all junk software’s from your computer. By removing unused software’s you will free up some space in ?C? drive.

Go to ?Control Panel? > ?Add or Remove programs? and check for software’s which you don?t use frequently and uninstall it. You also have an easy option to uninstall programs in CCleaner.


  • Run Antivirus software on Windows 7


I have tried all most all the antivirus and firewall programs, but I didn?t find much difference with paid and free versions.There are many free anti-virus software’s available including ?Microsoft Security Essential? from Microsoft. Read more about how to remove computer virus and malwares using free software’s.


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    Windows Xp is the better than windows 7 just download seven remix 3.5 buy it warning don’t download it for free because their will be virus !

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