What is the Difference between LCD and Plasma

Buying a television can be a time consuming and frustrating task for some. As we all know we do a small research on product which we buy, LCD and Plasma TV are flat panel televisions and both have advantages and disadvantages. So let’s check the difference between LCD and Plasma TV.

LCD vs Plasma TV

Advantages of Plasma TV

1. You can use it as home theater; screen sizes in plasmas can be very large.
2. Creates crystal clear picture.
3. We can view Plasma TVs from different angles without any problem
4. Compare to few LCD models contrast ratio and color accuracy is higher
5. Better motion tracking compare to LCD TV’s.

Disadvantages of Plasma TV

1. Though it produces more contrast ratio, Plasma TVs generate more heat than LCD’s.
\2. The life of a Plasma television is less as compared to LCD’s

Advantages of LCD TVs

1. The life span LCD TVs is higher compare to Plasma TVs
2. LCD’s help in reducing the glare when viewing television with lots of light.
3. Generates very less heat compare to Plasmas

Disadvantages LCD TV

1. Lower contrast ratio.
2. Clarity won’t be good while viewing LCD’s from different angles
3. LCD televisions are more expensive.


  1. andy says:

    Because of heat generation specially, plasmas are avoided most of the time. even though the picture quality is kind of better than the LCD.

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