Cloud Storage Services Replace External Hard Drives!

If you?re in the habit of taking back up of your data, then we must say you are following a good practice. But our question is: Do you still use external hard drives, to take back up of your data? If you do, then we would like you to know that you?re still living in the past. It is a pretty renowned fact that cloud storage is taking over the external hard drive, at a great extent.

Why Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is million times better than external drive storage method.

Yes, you just read that!

Accidents will, definitely, not intimate you before occurring and your external hard drive may suffer damages. In such case, it is certain that you lose your data which you would have backed up just the previous day. That is it! You might suffer a loss in your business, due to loss of data.

However, cloud storage allows you to store your files somewhere in the internet, which is also called cloud based platform. You can sync your files from any of your devices, share them and access them from anywhere in the world. When you come across all functionalities that cloud based platforms provide, you will find the cost of using this technology to be way too cheaper. This also eradicates the fear of losing your data because of any mishaps.

We have observed that the companies which provide cloud based services, are competing with one another and trying to improve the features to the best, for their users. Let us have a quick look at few of the cloud based companies. This will give you a brief idea of Cloud based companies:



This storage system is the simplest of all the storage systems available. Initially, it provides free 2GB storage space for the users. However, you can obtain 16 GB of storage space by referring your friends to open accounts in Dropbox. If you?re into business, where 1TB of space would suffice your need, then you can pay a particular amount and get it. This makes it easy for you to share files or folders, which otherwise would not be feasible through regular e-mail.


Google Drive:

Google drive is integrated with Google Docs, so you can share any data or files immediately. It is compatible with most of the file types available. You can also use a keyword to find a particular file, you are searching for. It saves your time by making file-fetching easy, without the need of fumbling for the files in such a vast space.

Also, you can open 30 different file types, in your browser, without even the particular software installed in your device. It is awfully impressive, isn?t it? The initial free space provided is 5 GB. If you want to obtain storage space beyond 5 GB, then you need to pay a fee, which differs based on the space required by the user.



The name says for itself, it is an Apple storage system. It offers a free storage space of 5 GB. Good news for Apple mobile users is, you get a free 2GB storage space. If you are an Apple user, you do not have to download any app to use this service, as iCloud comes with every device. If you have a Macbook and an Apple device like iPhone or iPad or iPod, your files will sync automatically using iCloud, without bothering you to transfer your files manually.

If you want to secure your files, then follow the practice of using Cloud based services based on your need. There are ample services available, make your choice and get started with it.

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