Best Free Android Apps

Android? has hit the ground running ever since its release and its market is flooded with different apps, both paid and free applications. Here you’ll find best free must have android apps for for News and Weather, Maps, Internet, Games, Music, Instant Messenger etc.? Google who developed the Android operating system has its own innovative free apps for Android. You might not want use the inbuilt applications so, other technology leaders developed amazing range of unique apps for Android. I haven’t really been able to use all free apps and review it.

Here are the best free android apps list you must have.

Best Browser for Android

Android’s built-in web browser can handle almost all web-pages But still in order to get better browsing experience we have to look out some other alternative browser?s

Dolphin Browser HD

best free dolphin browser android

Dolphin Browser HD undoubtedly the best browser application in Android phones. It supports tabbed browsing and multi-touch pinch zoom. it has all powerful add-ons. One of the best feature in this browser is “Unexpected Closed Tab Recovery. If your looking for simple browser for faster browsing you can go for Dolphin Browser Mini.

Download Opera Mini

opera mini apps for android

When it comes to smart-phones I will always first prefer Opera Mini. The new interface looks much better on screen. This app enables fast web browsing by compressing data up to 90 percent, compare to built in browser opera works really great.

SkyFire 2.0 : SkyFire web browser is popular in android market because it uses the company servers for rendering web pages and this helps us visit websites that other mobile devices can?t.

Social Networking Apps for Android

Stay on top of your social life with social networking apps

Seesmic Download

free seesmic apps androidSeesmic is wonderful Android application and it has been updated so, now its much easier to manage Twitter accounts. It has many features including Facebook page shortcuts for your pages and profiles. You can share images, post videos to YouTube, share links, configuring your notifications and etc. This app will manage multiple twitter accounts and all the twitter time-lines in a single screen. You can make use of home screen shortcuts to compose tweets and Facebook status.

Twidroyd : Twidroyd is powerful Twitter client for Android. The PRO version features extended functionality like multi-accounts, video posting etc.

Facebook for Android Download

facebook for android appFacebook Android app is must have application for all Facebook and android users. It has very clean design so its quiet easy to interact with your friends and family. Just like Facebook web version you can make use of all the options like sending friends request, messaging and wall status etc.

Go!Chat Facebook : Go chat? is one of the best chat client for Facebook. Many of us like only messenger kind of apps in smart-phones. But this does more while chatting you can send pictures and audio messages to the other person, Free version has many features. You can upgrade it to PRO if you’re looking for full version.

WhatsApp Messenger : This messaging service is free for only one year. Its available for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and Nokia smartphones. You can send and receive messages, pictures, audio notes, and video messages.

Tweet Deck Download : Tweet Deck is like a all in one social networking application which connects all social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz and etc. at one place. Tweet Deck? has a feature called Foursquare fluent where you can check your location and venue in maps. Using control freak notifications you can customize the vibration, sound and light. It supports single sign on so you can instantly sign in all your accounts with a single Tweet Deck.

You Tube : This official YouTube app has beautiful UI design with flexible controls. Latest release has additional features like full screen playback and video feed.

Nimbuzz Free Calls and Messaging : Connect with all your friends using one application. Nimbuzz supports Google Talk, Facebook, MySpace, Skype, Yahoo, MSN, Messenger, AIM, ICQ, Hyves and SIP VoIP accounts.

Best Free Games for Android


iMobsters best free games

If you’re looking for best graphics Multiplayer mafia game then don’t forget to try iMobsters . Loaded with advance weapons , it gives you best gaming experience in your android.

Angry Birds

angry birds picture

Angry Birds is highly addictive destruction physics game which initially introduced to iOS. Now, it has come to android as well. It was paid app in apple but android version is absolutely free.These birds each have different powers to fight with piggies. Definitely you will enjoy each level of this game and become more addictive.

Gem Miner : Dig a mine to find ores, metals and gems and make your fortune! Just like Facebook games you can upgrade your digging powers and buy bigger and better tools.

Nin Jump

nin jump android apps

Nin Jump a free android game from Backflip studio’s is available in Android market for free download.

XAP! noob Zombie : XAP! Smart action game with various opponents. You have to shoot Zombies to protect babies.

Unique Rabbit

android rabbit

Help Rabbit to reach his goal so only running and jumping and get ready for a bad hare day!

Replica Island : Replica Island is also interesting fun to play free game app on the Android. In this game your job is to collect coins and avoid enemies. But it’s a must-have game that provides 40 levels and 3 unique endings!

Drag Racing : Its everyone’s favorite game, Who doesn?t like racing??Realistic controls and 40+ cars!

Talking TOM Cat : Spend some time talking to cat. Yes!! Tom cat repeats everything you say with funny voice. You can record your own video of Tom cat and share it across YouTube and Facebook

Best Free Weather Apps for Android

USA Today : USA Today offers the best news on android instantly. USA Today?s Android App has very good screen design. It delivers top stories and weather report. You get up to date sports news wherever you are in the world.

NPR News : NPR News features: Read, listen, or create a play-list of your favorite NPR stories and share with friends. NPR News Android App allows you to listen to local radio stations as well.

The Weather Channel : It’ll show you the weather forecast based on your location using the phone’s GPS, there are radar maps, severe weather alerts, 10-day forecasts is available. Application Features: Current conditions, Weather report, Locations.

IMap Weather Download : Application Features: Looping Radars, Lightning Strikes, Current Conditions, Forecasts

WSMV Download : Stay updated about weather and news with WSMV. WSMV news app works really great. But user are additional features like upload pictures Facebook integration and landscape view.

Weather Bug Download : This app Gives access to largest network of pro weather stations.

Best Free Music Apps for Android

Winamp for Android Download : This is a ultimate media player for android. The main features of this app are it can be wirelessl’y connected with your desktop computer. Can move iTunes library to android, Play-list support and also SHOUT cast radio.

MixZing Media Player : Best music player for android new version has fixed many bugs. New features like you will get a prompt when adding duplicate songs to playlist. Supports graphic equalizer for MP3, AAC/M4A and OGG files.

VPlayer Alpha : This wonderful Android App will allow us to play different media formats in our phone; It supports Flv, RMVB, Divx/Xvid, AVI, WMV, MP4 and lot more. The application will allow you to play almost all videos formats and as per now there are no subtitle feature, May be they will upload it soon I guess.

Pandora : Pandora? radio for Android is free app and you can personalize stations and stream music you?re interested in. Create a unique station for each of your distinct musical tastes and tune accordingly.

Best free Email Client for Android

K9 Mail Download

kp mail android

This is one of those? must have Android application has its own built push email service. But K9 Mail for android application is the best email client for Android, using this app you can edit fonts and colors, add two email inbox’s. Supports POP3, IMAP and WebDAV protocols. comes with many features like email sorting and signatures etc.

Productive Apps for Android

Anti-Virus Free : Just like computer your smartphones get affected by viruses, Anti-virus app from AVG protects your smartphone from all viruses and exploits.

Advanced Task Manager Free : If you’re an advanced Android user you must use this app. Sometimes you will find your phone sluggish and your battery is draining fast. Using this app you can kill unwanted tasks in order to speed up existing programs and save battery.

Astro File Manager : You can take backup of all your application to Micro SD card. Just like a regular task manager this apps gives you real time report apps and processes running, memory conceptions and CPU usage.

Features: File Manager, Backup, Image and text viewers, Networking, SMB, Bluetooth, SFTP, Zip Tar, down-loader, thumbnails, search files, application manager, task manager, attachments.

Barcode Scanner:

android apps for shoppingIf you’re looking for some super fast bar code reader, then definitely you can go for Barcode scanner, works on all major bar-code standards.



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