Belkin Router as Access Point

In order to convert your regular Belkin router to Access Point you need to disable routing (DHCP) and firewall functions. I think almost all the Belkin routers supports this access point feature.

  • First connect your Belkin router to computer
  • Open a web browser (Internet Explorer) on the computer.
  • You have to type type Belkin routers ip address i.e ( in the address bar of the web browser,
  • Click on Login to the top right-hand corner of the page.
  • Simply click submit, (By default there is no password set)
  • Left hand side? under WIRELESS tab Click on “Use as Access Point”

belkin router to access point

  • Click on Enable.?? Now you have to setup ip address and subnet mask
  • Set default IP address to
  • Sub-net mask to

belkin router as access point

  • Now click on LAN settings under LAN setup tab

belkin access point

  • Change the IP Address to??
  • Click on DHCP server and select turn off the DHCP server.
  • Click the Apply Changes button.

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