How do I Unhide Friends on Facebook

I used to receive tons of news feed (wall posts) from my Facebook friends. I clicked on the “x” to the right of a friend’s wall post to hide his games and other application updates.

While doing this I got 3 options:

  1. Hide this post
  2. Hide all by “friend”
  3. Mark as a spam

I accidently clicked on “Hide all by “friend” there after I didn’t receive any news feed, wall post updates, photo album updates from my Facebook friends So I wanted to unhide people in Facebook

How to Unhide Friends on Facebook

  • Unhiding friends on Facebook is quiet easy. First go to Facebook home page and click on “News Feed”? you will find this just below your profile picture? and scroll down to the bottom you will find a tab “Edit Options” (as picture shown below) click on edit options.

unhide someone facebook

  • You will find a new pop up window just like picture shown below, Select your Facebook friend and click on “Add to News Feed” from whom you want regular updates about wall posts. In the same screen you also have an option to unhide Facebook applications and Facebook pages.

unhide friends on facebook

If you have any other questions or helpful suggestions I would surely appreciate it

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