Oracle Database 10g DBA New Features for Oracle8i OCPs Certification Exam

If you do not prepare for the 1Z0-045 10g DBA New Features for Oracle8i OCPs certification exam, you will have to pay to take the exam again. Not only does this take up extra time that you probably do not have to spare, it will cost you an additional $195 each time you take the exam. Without proper preparation for the 1Z0-045 exam, you may have to retake the test three times or more in an attempt to gain the Oracle8i OCPs to Oracle Database 10g certification.

For the Oracle 1Z0-045 exam, there are only 78 questions, and you’ll need to earn a 73% or higher in order to gain your certification. During the exam, you’ll have two hours to prove your knowledge of Oracle server security, backup and recovery concepts, loading and unloading data, application tuning, space management, support for analytical applications, and system resource management.

Instead of spending time and extra money on retaking the Oracle 1Z0-045 exam, you should prepare for the test before taking it. This greatly increases your chances of passing on the first attempt. You can do this by using the resources offered through TestsLive. Additionally, Oracle recommends taking the classroom course, Oracle Database 10g: New Features for Oracle8i DBAs.

Oracle also recommends using the practice tests they offer through Self-Test Software and Transcender. These practice tests, 1Z0-045 Oracle Database 10g DBA New Features for Oracle8i OCPs and DBCert: Oracle Database 10g DBA New Features for Oracle8i OCPs, can be used with the other exam preparation methods in order to maximize your chances of passing the 1Z0-045 exam.

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