Importance of Data Backup for Online Business Owners

If you?re an entrepreneur or an online business owner you will have thousands of ideas and goals, no doubt you have entered a busy world to accomplish multiple tasks in less time, but how much importance we give for data backup and other essentials. So don?t wait until you have something to regret, consider data back up as a critical task.

Create a Disaster Recovery Plan

How would you respond if you lose all your data from remote servers or local computer? Many first-time entrepreneurs don’t give importance for data backup and they lose data because of virus infections, accidental deletion, hardware-software failures and power failures and so on.

?online backup

However, there are few precaution?s you can take to avoid this disaster.

? 1. First step: List all the possible risks that threaten your online business from hosting to local computer data.

? 2. Be Regular: Consider your data backups on a regular basis. Ask yourself “How often should I backup data”? ?Procedures for implementing data backup differs, so check it out; what is important for you and how often you should be doing this. Once you decide make sure that data backup practices are being followed.

? 3. Use External Storage Medium: Make use of external storage devices like flash drives and dedicated hard disks. So that you can store copy of your any data for example: Microsoft Outlook pst file, website content, browser bookmarks and critical data (Bit-locker key) etc.

?Wordpress and Joomla users can backup their database using some FTP clients, using this you can download all the site files, some users re write the data on flash drives.

? 4. Online Backup: Online backup service providers offer storage and restoration from the system level to the file level via the Internet. In order to avail this service you should go for high speed internet and price depends on online backup service provider as well as your data.

? 3. Things to Consider Before buying Online Backup Service

  • Backup Space and? price per month or Year
  • Security while using online backup
  • Some Important backup features are listed below:
  1. Automatic Backups
  2. Status Window
  3. Incremental Backups
  4. Selective Backup
  5. Resumes After Interruption

?? List of Some Popular Online Backup Service Providers

  • SugarSync
  • Dropbox
  • IBackup
  • IDrive
  • ElephantDrive
  • Carbonite
  • Norton Online Backup
  • Mozy
  • Acronis Online Backup
  • SOS Online Backup

? 5. Testing of Data Backup: If you are not handling your website work then it?s your job to educate the person who’s handling it and check often whether data backup working or not. Invest the time? up front to avoid any such disaster.


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    Great article – A great backup solution for a disaster recovery plan is the use of. This way you can backup your critical data securely, offsite and reliably without the need of manual intervention.

  2. Rick says:

    Data backup is very important, but I haven’t tried any online service for data backup.

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