How to make 32GB USB Flash drive using Micro SD

Nowadays, almost all the laptops has inbuilt Micro SD memory card readers. But, still we are depend on USB ports for every day use, to connect external hub, mouse, printer etc. Because USB device’s are quick and easy to use, USB’s rapidly becoming more popular and coming down in price.

USB Micro SD Collector:

This is a new concept by designer Fang-Chun Tsai, You can connect all your Micros SD cards in different slot’s and make one USB flash drive.? When you connect? USB Micro SD Collector to your computer through USB its very easy to retrieve files and save new files. Its a very good idea to make use of your old Micro SD cards to something like this. via Yanko Design



  1. Mohit Bumb says:

    I didn’t try this yet but just wanna say “wow”
    Keep Posting

  2. Sahand Johansen says:

    Is this out on the market? Where can I buy it?

  3. Dylan says:

    How much does this USB Drive (with micro SD cards)?

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