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Its everyone’s dream to own a flying car. Now, its not just a concept- technology is sound and engineers proved themselves designing high-tech flying cars. This year we have seen different flying car projects during the air-show’s. These new designs is going to fire the imaginations of aviators.

Lufthansa Airbus Wing-strike at Hamburg

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Martin Jet-pack


Company : Martin Aircraft Company
Type: Ultralight personal helicopter; commercial product
Description: A rider uses two gasoline-driven, 1.7-foot-diameter ducted rotors to fly up to 31.5 miles at an FAA-?mandated maximum speed of 63 mph. In 2010 Martin landed a $12 million outside investment to build 500 packs. They will be sold to governments and defense firms for $100,000 each


M400X Skycar


Company: Moller International
Aircraft Type: Vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft; prototype
Description: The Skycar points four ducted fans down to take off vertically; the fans swivel to provide thrust during flight.
Inventor: Paul Moller.




Company: Carter Aviation Technologies
Aircraft Type: Autogyro rotor-craft; prototype
Description: Wings and a twin-boom tail help the helo fly at slow rotor speeds, but it can only hover for seconds. On June 17, 2005, it broke a record for slow-rotor flight but crashed later that day. They have successfully demonstrated the slowed rotor concept with the Carter-copter Technology Demonstrator (CCTD), the first and only aircraft to reach “mu-1”.


Milner AirCar


Company: Milner Motors
Type: Roadable aircraft; prototype
Description: This four-door car, about the size of a Honda Civic, has a foldable main wing in the rear of the vehicle and a canard in front? In air mode the diesel-powered plane will be able to cruise at speeds of 200mph – at 25,000 feet. In the air, the Milner AirCar will be powered by two,160 brake horsepower ducted fan engines and will have a range of up to 1,000 miles before needing to re-fuel.


Transformer TX

transformer tx

Developer: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Type: VTOL (vertical-takeoff and landing) Humvee; government research project to create prototypes
Description: In 2010 the Pentagon selected companies to design two versions of a flying jeep. One design uses an exposed rotor and wings; the other, ducted fans. The Transformer (TX) program calls for a vertical-takeoff and landing (VTOL) vehicle that can travel 280 miles by land or air and carry up to 1,000 pounds


  1. keity says:

    Very informative post.Finally, the future has arrived and not anymore a utopic dream. You forgot to include one , the terrafugia transition, it’s going to be sold for around 15,0000-200,000 late this year.

  2. El Ronbo says:

    These projects are perpetually “3-5 years from production”. Not mentioned here is the PAL-V a three wheeled gyrocopter. The mockup looks good, but like all the rest its doubtful they will have the money to finish the engineering.

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