Recover Files from Damaged CD and DVD

I was big fan of CD and DVDs until I started using flash drives (Pen drives). Few years ago most of us used CD and DVDs to back up all our important data and stored those disks in shelf or Kit. After few years now you have noticed those CD DVDs are heavily scratched and damaged. As you know a small scratch can result in a failure to read the information recorded on the CD.

How to Repair a DVD and Recover data from CD and DVD

I use external hard disk so I restored almost all my data from CD and DVDS to hard disk. Some times CD data recovery becomes a crucial task. Troubleshooting a DVD drive is quiet easy but, recovering the data from damaged disks is quiet difficult.

cd data recovery

You can always try those damaged CD and DVDs in different computers to check whether you can recover the data. Sometimes it won?t work. This is where CD Recovery Toolbox helps to restore the data; CD Recovery Toolbox is a? free tool and capable of restoring CDs, DVDs,? Blu-rays and HD DVDs.

How to FIx a Disk Using CD Recovery Toolbox

  • First download Free CD Recovery Toolbox,
  • Now Install and launch the program.
  • Click on start and select the drive you want to rescue and click ?Next?.

how to fix a disk

  • Now select the path to store the recovered files

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