Belkin Router as Access Point

In order to convert your regular Belkin router to Access Point you need to disable routing (DHCP) and firewall functions. I think almost all the Belkin routers supports this access point feature. [Read more…]

Best Free Android Apps

Android? has hit the ground running ever since its release and its market is flooded with different apps, both paid and free applications. Here you’ll find best free must have android apps for for News and Weather, Maps, Internet, Games, Music, Instant Messenger etc.? Google who developed the Android operating system has its own innovative free apps for Android. You might not want use the inbuilt applications so, other technology leaders developed amazing range of unique apps for Android. I haven’t really been able to use all free apps and review it. [Read more…]

Top 5 Personal Air Vehicles | Flying Cars

Its everyone’s dream to own a flying car. Now, its not just a concept- technology is sound and engineers proved themselves designing high-tech flying cars. This year we have seen different flying car projects during the air-show’s. These new designs is going to fire the imaginations of aviators. [Read more…]

What is msmpeng.exe in Task Manager?

We often check task manager when computer gets slow or behaves as if tons of application running . You might have noticed a process called msmpeng.exe running with maximum CPU usage. msmpeng.exe is nothing but your Windows defender anti spyware program from Microsoft.? Your computer may slow down due to many reason, It may be antivrus or any other application consuming high CPU. [Read more…]

SQL Update with Inner Join Syntax

Did you get a incorrect syntax error?

Update SQL with Join

UPDATE Table1 SET Table1.Field1 = StagingTable.Field1 FROM Table1 INNER JOIN StagingTable ON Table1.Field2 = StagingTable.Field2 [Read more…]

Belkin Wireless Router Models Review

Belkin N750 DB and Belkin N600 DB are advanced router models. which provides great wireless? performance for gaming and streaming HD video’s with integrated apps. These router models has less interference with other wireless devices due to its dual band capability. High end router Belkin N750 DB also supports gigabyte ports with 2 USB ports. [Read more…]