How to make 32GB USB Flash drive using Micro SD

Nowadays, almost all the laptops has inbuilt Micro SD memory card readers. But, still we are depend on USB ports for every day use, to connect external hub, mouse, printer etc. Because USB device’s are quick and easy to use, USB’s rapidly becoming more popular and coming down in price. [Read more…]

Nintendo Reveals list of Coming Game Releases for 3DS

Nintendo may reveal its next console in June at E3 2011. Now, they have released a new list of games for its new Nintendo 3DS . Many people are waiting for next console as rumored to feature a Blu-ray optical drive, a quad-core processor, and a mobile projector. [Read more…]

Best way to Learn CCNA, CCNP, CCIP, CCIE, JNCIA, JNCIS, JNCIE Using Simulators

GNS3 Graphical network simulator is a best way to practice and understand the complex networks. [Read more…]

Shutdown Computer using Command Prompt

Computer administrators are familiar with various Windows DOS commands.? These commands are very useful for network administrators to shutdown Windows remotely via command line. Today, I am going to share some useful computer shortcuts to shutdown computer with command prompt remotely and locally. This includes shutdown, restart, logoff, and close all application using command prompt. [Read more…]