How to Remove Computer Virus for Free

Computer virus removal!!! I know it is a tough task, because it’s very difficult to judge what kind of virus is there in your Windows computer. Recently my Windows computer was infected with a malware called “Windows Antivirus 2010”, there are many viruses like malwares, Adwares, Rootkits, Worms, Trojan, Macro Virus, Logic bombs? Ohh! it’s a big list.? Some viruses like Boot virus directly attacks your hard disk and some causes negative effects on your browser and? other computer applications like windows antivirus 2010 virus did on my computer.
However, instead of giving big lecture course about viruses, let me share virus removal procedures. I will be recommending different Free good antivirus softwares, antimalware and antispywares. Before we proceed first check whether you have antivirus software running in your computer. In order to remove virus you need to boot your computer in safe mode, usually F8 is common again it depends on the manufacturer. Once you go to safe mode select “safe mode with networking” now follow the below steps.

  • Update the Existing Antivirus Software and Perform Full System Scan:

Some people give automatic updates and some are manual, its best practice It also prevents the virus from infecting your machine. After updating perform a full system scan. It may take 30 minutes or more depends on computer. After the scan if any virus is detected you can delete it.

  • Download Anti-Malware software:

I was little confused to recommend the good antimalware software,? You can use malwarebytes? which identifies malicious software from your computer and deletes it. I think this is the best malware removal software:

Download Malwarebytes for Free.

  • Download Anti-Spyware software:

I recently had a spyware attack on computer (Windows Antivirus 2010). I tried Microsoft Security Essentials (Microsoft free antivirus) but it didn’t detect a single spyware. I was able to detect all the spywares and adwares using a good software:

Download SuperSpyware for Free.

  • Run a Final Full Scan using Advanced Antivirus:

When all fails you can make use of? BitDefender Rescue CD. Until now I have been using free antivirus software’s like Avira and Avast without any virus infection. But recently I have installed BitDefender Total Security 2011 its working fine without slowing down my windows computer, I feel its advanced antivirus.

Back to troubleshooting, when all fails there is BitDefender rescue CD. First you need to download ISO file from BitDefender Rescue CD site and you can burn it and make rescue disk using any Nero? or other applications. Make sure you have internet on infected machine, so that BitDefender updates itself.
Once the BitDefender Rescue Disk is ready, you can insert it and now you have to boot from CD. You can do this by using F12 key during start-up. (F12: It depends on manufacturer, but F12 is most common in Dell computers). Now let BitDefender to handle your computer. I hope it catches all the viruses.

Some Free Antivirus for Windows:

Recommended Free Antivirus :

  1. AVG Antivirus Free Edition



After removing the malwares, spywares and adwares you can uninstall these software’s, which I have mentioned above and run only one advanced? Antivirus on windows, which gives complete protection.


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