Panda USB Vaccine (Antimalware) Review

I have wrote a article about free antimalware software before, Panda USB Vaccine is one more free antimalware utility from Panda Research Group. Panda USB Vaccine helps in preventing malware infections caused by USB and CD/DVD’s.? Autorun-based malware attacks are very common nowadays.? Panda USB vaccine free utility helps in disabling autorun in Windows completely, so whenever you connect any other external flash memory device’s like USB and CD/DVDs this won’t let programs to auto execute.

panda usb vaccine

We can still disable auto run file (AUTORUN.INF)? in Windows manually, but it’s quiet difficult for non-technical person to disable specific Autorun feature by changing the registry value.

Panda USB Vaccine Features

  • Panda USB Vaccine? supports NTFS drives and any removable drives.
  • This software can auto-update itself and has consumes less memory 700 kilobytes.

User has 2 Options to Run Panda USB Vaccine

  • Vaccine for computers: It disables auto-run completely, this is applicable for all the programs from any? Flash memory stick CD and DVD drives.
  • Vaccine for USB devices: This is applicable only for USB devices, once auto-run file for USB is disabled then your computer won’t be able to read any malicious code

Download Free Antimalware Panda USB Vaccine

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