Download Opera Mini 5 Beta to your Android phone

opera for Android

A few weeks back here we dropped information about Opera Mini 5 for Apple,? Now Opera Mini 5 beta is available for Android users who have been stuck with opera mini 4.2,? Opera mini is new entry to the world of compressed browsers. This browser compresses data up to 90 percent before downloading web content to Android.
The Opera mini 5 beta is equipped with an updated features that includes a new? speed dial and thumbnails of most-visited sites.
Full details:

  • Creating new tabs is very easy
  • Password Manager
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Speed Dial:? This feature gives? you one-touch access to 9 of your favorite sites.

Opera says ?It makes your mobile browsing experience as close as it can be to your desktop experience.?
I don?t think it renders either JavaScript or Flash content still its beta version.

Download Opera Mini 5 directly to your Android phone- visit??

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