Belkin USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Products

Belkin USB 3.0 Hi Speed Products

There is always better options than buying a new computer. You can use new technology devices or upgrade existing one. We often connect our smartphones and other gadgets to pc, so using? USB 3.o you will really see the difference because of it’s high data transfer rate.

Not just routers, Belkin is the current market leader in USB connectivity products, I’m going to sum up here few products which they released recently.

belkin usb 3.0

Belkin USB 3.0 Express Card

Model number-(F4U024): This supports plug and play and hot-swap functionality.

You can connect up to 127 USB devices through cascading additional hubs. Price: $79.99

Belkin USB 3.0 Premium A-B Cable

Model number-(F3U158-04): This cables allows Faster synch between devices? & more efficient power usage

Length and price : 1.2m for $ 49.99? and 2.4m for $ 59.99.

Belkin USB 3.0 PCIe Add-In Card

Model number (F4U023)Belkin super speed USB 3.0 PCI Express Add-in Card increases data transfer rates over USB 2.0.

You can upgrade your computer by adding 2 Hi-Speed 3.0 ports.

Price : – $79.99

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