How to use Windows Mobile Remote Desktop

There are different web based remote desktop software’s like Logmein, Goto-assist, VNC, Team viewer. But ” remote desktop using mobile” it’s really amazing because? you get? access to your home or office computer anytime anywhere.

For instance, if you need urgent access to your home computer for sending, receiving a file OR if you want to check the status of the program or server running on your computer windows mobile remote desktop definitely helps.
When you try connecting your mobile to PC, some times you may receive errors like “Specified computer name or ip does not exist or “A network error occurred while establishing the connection” so follow the below steps carefully

  • Before connecting your windows mobile to remote desktop you may need to check for few settings on your remote desktop. Click Start > Control Pane l > System > Select Remote or Remote Settings. Now pop up Windows appears? Here you need to check? “Allow connections” and click OK.
  • Remote Desktop option is available in all versions, from Windows mobile 6.1 to Windows mobile 6.5. Please note: Do not try this on Windows XP Home Edition because it won’t support remote connection, however Windows XP Professional supports this feature, I will be giving steps for Windows XP, you can use same steps for Vista and Windows 7 as well.
  • If you are using a wireless router, you need to allow windows default port. i.e 3389 so? it will allow outside access to your computer.

Windows mobile remote desktop
Now Set up Windows mobile remote desktop in your hand held. It will ask you to type in some details. Example: I am running Windows XP and I don’t have router so I will not be doing any port forwarding here. My computer name is Mentorlog-PC? and? username is ‘dsouza’ and I have set Password as ‘yyyyy’,? my external IP is

Computer: mentorlog-PC (Check your computer name by right clicking on ‘My Computer’ and click on properties)
User Name: dsouza
Password: yyyyy
Domain: (Check your ip address here)

You have an option to save the password, now click connect, once the connection is established you will be greeted with Windows welcome screen.
In order to adjust the screen size you have an option to select colour and size. Let me? know how it works for you all

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