Linksys Router WRT610N Features and Review

Linksys is a well-known wireless network solutions provider for home users and business. Now it’s introducing Linksys WRT610N, it’s a dual band ‘N’? wireless router. Dual-band refers to a router’s ability to function on two different frequency bands.

linksys routerNormally, wireless routers has standard? frequency i.e 2.4 GHz band , This frequency is quiet common on all the wireless router’s and other device’s such as phones, mouse, keyboard, and wireless gaming devices. When you run two wireless devices at the same time interferences would definitely occur but Linksys WRT610N has solution for this.
Linksys WRT610N can handle 2 frequencies i.e? 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, Now you can make all other? wireless devices to run on the 2.4 GHz and at the same time you will be able to use your Linksys router to access internet? much faster and?wireless less? interruptions with all your wireless gadgets like? Microsoft?s wireless keyboard, iPhone 4, iPad etc.

How to Setup Linksys Wireless Router WRT610N

Linksys router setup is not same as Belkin router.? Linksys? WRT610N setup is very easy, at the back of the router, you will find 4 LAN ports these ports can be used for? wired network connection to 4 computers and you will find 1 WAN port to connect to a modem, it has? Cisco Setup Wizard which makes installation easier, you just need to? follow the installation wizard from the setup and in within few minutes you are ready to go.

setup linksys

There is one more special feature in Linksys WRT610N is you have a USB port where you can connect an external hard drive and you can make it as a network-attached storage (NAS) this helps you to share your music and movie files to the whole wireless network.

How to Secure Linksys Router WRT610N

The Linksys WRT610N supports WPA2-encryption,? port forwarding, MAC address cloning which makes more secured network at home. You can setup security during the time of installation or late by accessing the router setup page. It also displays the name of connected devices and their MAC addresses details. So that you can find out if there is any new device connected to your router.

Conclusion: I always used to face frequent disconnection (wireless range issues with my old router) because of signal strength. If your router is running in 5 GHZ frequency signal cannot pass through the wall, But using? Linksys WRT610N you will not be facing this issue any more because you can run this router at 2.4 GHz frequency which works much better compared to the 5 GHz.


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