How to SetUp Belkin N Wireless Router and Troubleshoot

Belkin wireless router If you’re reading this, the odds are you just bought yourself a new Belkin-N? router or your facing some issues with? Belkin router setup. But, if you can’t find the answer you want, you can find the articles below.

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(Step by Step Guide to configure Belkin N Router and also guides you through the process of installing? settings).

Using Belkin Router you can connect multiple computers to one internet connection. Belkin 802.11 N Router is most widely used pretty old router . It doesn’t matter which internet connection your using Belkin has different series of router which supports Cable, DSL, ADSl, fiber and? satellite connections.? If you are setting up Belkin router for the first time it will be time consuming process if things are not in place.? Follow the Belkin wireless router setup instructions below and? you will be able to access internet in all WI-FI equipped? device’s like: Computers, Printers,? Scanners, Gaming device’s and Smart Phones.

Troubleshoot?Belkin N router and modem

Checklist Before Installing Belkin wireless router

??? 1. Make sure you are? able to access internet using Cable or DSL modem. ( If not reset your modem and check)

?? 2. If it’s a DSL connection, It requires user name and password.

?? 3. Change the network settings in your? computer: Click the? “Start” button? and select? “Control Panel”? Double click on “Network Connections. Right-click on “Local Area Connection” highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and then click on Properties button. You need to check the box which say’s (Obtain an IP Address Automatically) and? (Obtain DNS Server Addresses Automatically).

Belkin Router Cable Connection

  • Select any one of the LAN port on the back of the router and plug the cable, other end? goes to computer. (There are 4 LAN ports on the back your Belkin router choose any one)

Bekin router connections

  • Now connect? the modem cable to your? router’s “WAN” port ( Yellow or Green? color port)
  • First turn ON your modem and wait for 1 minute, until? modem lights get’s steady, Connect power cord on the back of your router from AC outlet.
  • You can see some lights blinking on the router, wait for a minute, you will see all the lights get steady. Now Belkin N wireless router is ready for WiFi, you can try connecting your laptop and other wireless devices to the Belkin router


How to Enable Security on Belkin Router


  1. spiritx says:

    I changed the cable now I can see the light on the router. Thanks for the info

  2. Walt Brehmer says:

    I lost my set up CD and am trying to set up my Belkin F5D7234-4 ROUTER and have had no luck. please help!

  3. Carla Beckwith says:

    We’ve just set up our Belkin Wireless router…it required us to use a USB connection to install. Now we cannot get the computer to go wireless? Do we HAVE to have a computer connected to it via USB? Our other computers are wireless and no problems…but when we try to get the original computer used to install the software, etc., we cannot get it to recognize the airport at all.

    • admin says:

      I think your using a Mac. It depends on your computer configuration some computer has inbuilt wireless cards in it, some are dont. If your computer doesn’t have wireless card inbuilt, then you have to buy Wireless USB adapter and you will be able to see Belkin network in Airport wizard.

    • laura says:

      I have the same problem. I used my Toshiba laptop to configure the router when I set it up initially, and now my laptop won’t connect to the network wirelessly. I know I have a wireless card and can connect wirelessly to other networks where ever there is wifi, but not at home. It’s very frustrating and I’m not sure how to fix it. Any ideas?

  4. anna says:

    I have set up my belkin without cd not to many probems, but two, I can not set up my laptop cause it says my pin # is incorrect, but I use the pin off the bottom of the router, but I still get connection. The other is my connection is open, how do I get security code so others can’t connect too?

  5. Lorena says:

    How to setup security password on belkin?

  6. Tanicka says:

    My internet light on my belkin g wireless router is not on. I have two lan connections showing on my home pc. One shows as Arris which is my modem type. The other is Intel(R) Pro/100 VE Network Connection. The only way for my internet to work on my home pc is to disable the Intel Internet connection. Can anyone assist me with this issue?

    • setup says:

      If Internet light is not lit you have to contact your internet service provider. Try resetting your modem once (turn it off and turn it ON).

  7. Terry Ebbo says:

    I cannot get my iPad wi-fi to connect. The Wi-fi is turned ON but won’t connect. I chose my network and it says “unable to join the network”. What am I doing wrong? This is eating up my cellular data plan at warp speed. Terry Ebbo. 214-914-xxxx cell #. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hi Terry,
      Are you able to connect your computer to the router (wireless network) ? Go to some hotspot and see if you can connect to unsecured networks, Follow the above steps and re-configure your wireless router.

  8. Rey says:

    HI i have all the lights turn on on the belkin router but cant get it to be recognize by my system. Lights are steady and are not blinking, doesnt turn off too. usually turns off and only appropiate lights turned on when setup correctly. help

    • admin says:

      Hi REY,
      When you scan for the available networks, do you see any other networks (neighbors). Also try with the different computer and check see if you can see the Belkin wireless network. If there is no wireless network you need to re-set your router and set up correctly.

      • REY says:

        Thanks for the reply. Yea tried that, thing is when i tried to reset the router nothing happens, all the lights are steady ON and wont turn off, usually when you reset it lights turn off for a bit and turn on again, in my case nothing happens, lights are just basically on and wont disappear, cant set it up because my system is not recognizing it being connected to my computer, no connection from the router to my system. im afraid the router is done 🙁

        • admin says:

          Belkin Router Reset
          While resetting your router unplug the modem cable and count at-least 10 seconds by holding reset button. Normally, all the lights starts flashing if not contact Belkin Technical Support (networking products) Phone:877-736-5771, If router is faulty you can ask for new one. Since your router has lifetime warranty.

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  9. Barb brezicki says:

    I have a belkin g+mimo router. The only devices I can access wireless are the IPod touch and only after using the feature where I type in the mac address for each device. However, it won’t allow me to add any additional devices. Four are configured, one of them being the main pc , the other being the iPods. When tried this for netbooks or laptops, I’m still unable to access wireless. The belkin page doesn’t list any limitations on Mac add control and it allows me to add a new add. After saving and logging back on the device isn’t there. I recently got a new tv and it’s Internet capable (rj45 and wireless) I’d like to add this device, any suggestions are welcomed!

    • admin says:

      Hi Barb,

      I think you’re using a feature called “MAC Address Filter” using this feature you can limit network access to only your computer’s and wireless gadgets.
      Check the settings again under Mac Address control, you have two options.
      1. Deny a particular MAC address
      2. Allow a Particular MAC address

      Update your Belkin g + mimo router with new firmware (choose your version number carefully) > here’s the link

      1. Download the correct firmware version
      2. Connect your main computer to one of the four LAN ports on the router
      3. Login to the router setup utility, under utilities you will find “Firmware Update” click on it and browse the firmware file and update it.

      This process may take few minutes. Once, your router reboots go ahead and check “MAC Address Filter” and add new devices.

  10. David Moody says:

    i have followed all the steps here on this page but i can’t seem to get the internet light on my belkin router to light up all the rest will but not the internet one… any ideas?

  11. Nicole says:

    I am using Charter cable internet with my Belkin router. I’m not sure if it is Charter, or the router, but when I try to go to some sites I am redirected to a Charter installation page. I already have Charter installed, and the company says that it must be a problem with my router. Is there some way I can fix this? It is random and blocks some sites, then lets me on them, etc.

  12. shaon says:

    do you need a broadband to use a belkin wireless router?

    • admin says:

      Yes, you can use Belkin Wireless router on broadband (DSL, ADSL, Cable) connections and also on satellite connections.

  13. Robert says:

    I have the belkin wireless g router .fogot password last 12 year. need help

  14. Barbara says:

    When we use our Belkin Router to provide wireless connections for our laptop, both the speed of the computers slows down tremendously. What should I do?

    • admin says:

      Hi Barbara,
      Are you referring computer speed or internet speed?? Let me know the model number of your Belkin router?

      • Barbara says:

        Using the internet becomes really slow. (Obviously, I know VERY little about computers). The model is F7D7301 v1. We’ve had it for quite a while, but have not used it because it seems to cause things to slow down.

        • admin says:

          You need download and update firmware for this router. (F7D7301 N300 Wireless N Router – Setup, Router Monitor Software and Apps link ) . You may find it difficult to update this firmware, call up Belkin Toll Free Number. +1 800-419-5546 they will help you out to update this.

          I hope this Helps.

  15. Kathy says:

    I have a Belkin N300 router that I have hooked into my desktop modem, using a DSL connection. Desktop works fine, Kindle Fire connects to the router, we have 2 Wii’s that we have connected, router seems to be working fine with those. Problem: I bought my son a Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5200, put the Belkin disc in, did the installation, it requested the SSID and password which I entered. It sits there saying, “searching for hardware” and then comes back and wants me to re-try the password. I re-enter it, as it appears on the card, have double-checked myself, enter, goes thru the same process. After about 3 times, it gives me a number to call to Belkin for assistance. That number goes straight to hold and no one ever seems to pick up. I was hoping you could help me?

    • Kathy says:

      Correction: When I enter the SSID and password, it says “establishing a connection with your router.” Which it never can, just asks me to re-enter the password, after 2 or 3 tries, it tells me to call customer service.

      • admin says:

        Hi Kathy,
        If your connecting to Belkin N300 router wifi network don’t put Belkin software disc in to your new Toshiba laptop. Belkin CD or Disc is used only for the first time installation. If you have already have wireless network configured, you just need to search for wireless network in Toshiba Laptop.

        If its Windows 7 operating system, to the top hand right hand side of the task-bar, click on wireless network. you will find a all wireless network listed. select your home wireless network and connect to it.

        Free Belkin Technical Support
        number. +1 800-419-5546.

        Hope this helps.

  16. Shishir says:

    I have connected my wifi through belkin G series router in my laptop which have win7. But i cant browse internet. Can you help me in this?

  17. Cheryl says:

    Thanks for all of the great information on your site I was able to fix my problem by just reading through what you were telling others to do. My router is up and running once again.

    : )

  18. Barb says:

    Belkin router login is not accepting my password, i will try reset

  19. Gary says:

    Just bought a Belkin n300 router, setup went smooth, however to get my iPhone 4s to connect, my son & daughters ipod, I kept getting an “Unable to connect” error message. I unplugged router, plugged it back in and I could connect. The next day, I get the same error msg for laptops, iphone & iPods, when I restart router, I am able to connect. I don’t want to restart the router each time I want to use WiFi, what’s up?

  20. DALE BRUSHWOOD says:

    I have a Belkin F5D7234-4 router.
    I have had no problems with it until I attempted to use “Pinger” on my iPod Touch (4g).
    I am not hearing callers. My answering voice is clear and I would love to use the program but if I cannot hear the callers I can’t use it.
    Can you help. Pinger says it is probably my router. I am leary of configuring it myself.

    • admin says:

      Connect your iPod touch to any other free hot spot (wifi) network other than Belkin, and see if you can use Pinger application on iPod and make calls. If your able to hear sound connecting to different wifi network get back to me, I can give you some tips. If not send out email to

  21. amanda says:

    As of a couple of days ago my laptop cannot connect to my Internet anymore. My iPhone and kindle fire are fine. I went to best buy today and after they fixed something it connected there. I got home and tried it here and it cant connect. Its asking for a network key instead of a password like my other devices did. I called belling last night but were unable to fix it! Any advice?

    • admin says:

      Network Key and password are the same. Enter the password and see if you can connect to the network. Let me know if you need further assistance on this.

  22. anky says:

    Hi I just bought a Belkin N 600 DB. I am able to connect to the router wirelessly with a strong signal but it keeps saying identifying wireless at tool bar icon. or acquiring ip address. I am unable to browse the web.

  23. kroky says:

    Hi, I’ve owned my Belkin N+ router for quite some time. I had never any problems with it. Recently I had to reinstall my OS (Win 7). I have port forwarding set up on my router, but I forgot which port it is. So I wanted to access the web interface of the router to remind me but I am unable to do so. Anyone has ever experienced this as well? The browser just keeps trying to connect to the (which is my default gateway) but the interface won’t come up. Note that I can access internet without any problems. Is there any other solution than resetting the router to the factory settings? Even that is not a guarantee but I’m out of ideas.

  24. tem says:

    hi m just planning 2 buy d Belkin n300 … i have a laptop and i use cable connection which is directly plugged into ma laptop .. so once wen i gt ma laptop , will i have 2 put a cable in ma laptop and ma router or just d router n ma laptop will gt wireless connection .. i am 9 yrs old n have no knowledge .. please help

    • admin says:

      Hi Tehemton,
      You have to connect cable only for the first time i.e during installation, After the installation you can take out the cable and connect to your wireless network without cables, Inset the setup disc and follow the instructions.

  25. Adam Ball says:

    All my lights are blue on the Belkin model F5D8636-4 v1 but the wireless one is off, and when i try to connect it says “unable to connect to network” and the wireless icon flashes amber.

    Any help would be hugely appreciated!

  26. Vedangi says:

    Hi ,

    My wireless is not working and when i type in the browser it asks me user name and password , i tried many combinations but i forgot them completely .

    Is there ANY way out to get my router working ?

  27. Boyd says:

    I have a Belkin N300 router. Thee light on the front of the router which usually glows a steady green is now blinking orange(or red). I have several devices in the house which operate off this router and they are all working fine wirelessly . In other words, every thing is working fine but the light has changed color and started blinking. Should I do anything to it? I hated to restart when it is working fine.

  28. john says:

    Hi how do i set up my n300 wireless n modem – router to my satellite farmside ?

  29. Andries says:

    I have been using a Belkin N300 router for the past 6 months and it was working fine. Lately it seems to drop the wireless connection to my laptop (Windows 8.1), and when I attempt to re-connect from the laptop, I keep on getting an ?Unable to connect? error message. When I unplug the router, and plug it back in, I can connect. Also, whenever I shut down the laptop, I need to unplug the router and restart it before I am able to connect. I don?t want to restart the router each time I want to use WiFi! I have also noticed that the WiFi signal strength shown on my laptop varies, even if the laptop is stationary in the same place. This does not happen on other devices like my Windows 8.1 cell phone. Any advice, please?

  30. lucille Painter says:

    I bought a Belkin Router N300 xr August/11/15 it just quit Dec.20 the orange light pops on than nothing .I can see blue lights on inside but not moving around inside ! This this is the 4th belkin router i bought in 2015 .The other 3 i just wrote off as bad but this time maybe its your router!I tried resetting it in back button tried unplugging no go!Meaning it was around Christmas when it went out and being 5th one in a yr i just am plugged directly into internet !What can i do yall see it has a 2 yr limited warranty on this box .Like can yall exchange it and do yall pay postage ?Address to send it back to i have box & everything that came with it and receipt? thank you please help

  31. Debi says:

    plz help MyKindle Fire is on WIFi from Belkin router. Last eve I went to use it in another room and guest access password will not allow me to move past this page. I have never set a guest password. The iphone and laptop work fine. Thanks for any hel

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