Uniblue SystemTweaker 2011


This exclusive promotional offer is? from PC Advisor UK, after filling your contact details you will receive a valid license serial key for Uniblue System Tweaker 2011 for free. Plus, this license key provides? 1 year? active protection. Uniblue SystemTweaker 2011 is available for free download, when you? purchase any UniBlue PC optimizing software’s like RegistryBooster, SpeedUpMyPC, DriverScanner, PowerSuite; which typically cost $29.95.

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How to avail this offer?

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  • Simply fill in your contact details and you will receive a email with free license key.
  • Download and activate SystemTweaker 2011 using serial key.

Language Support
Uniblue System Tweaker software supports multiple languages it’s available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish,Chinese, Finnish, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Greek and Turkish.

Uniblue System Tweaker 2011 Review

  • You can easily customize the Start and Control Panel menu to your choice.
  • Change? network settings to monitor and increase the functionality and safety.
  • Speed up your PC by tweaking Windows start up and shutdown rules.
  • Customize the right click menu options and also you have access to detailed system information.

Software Compatibility Checklist
Uniblue SystemTweaker? is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and and Windows 7 , it supports 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Download and Register SystemTweaker 2011

  • First step to register System Tweaker: After downloading and installing the software.
  • Click on Overview tab and then click on orange Register Now button.
  • Now you have to enter your serial number which you have received through email, copy the serial key and then click on link, which says Click here to paste the serial number into the above box.
  • Select ‘Activate button’ and it will register your Uniblue product.


Contact Uniblue for support (uniblue.com/support ) for product activation, registration and technical support.


  1. Adalberto Schettert says:

    I have bought Registry booster 2010 and eanrned System Tweake 2011 for free but i din not registered it yet. How can I do this?

    • admin says:

      In Uniblue system tweaker program, select overview tab and click on the orange Register Now button. This will bring up a pop-up where to enter your serial number.

    • Richard w. Gardner says:

      I have bought Registry Booster 2011 and earned System Tweaker 2011 for free but I did not registered it yet. How can I do this?

  2. kurian thomas says:

    I have already purchased the software, so i am downloading the software.

  3. andreas nielsen says:

    jeg har k?bt registry booster 2010 hvortil h?rte system tweaker 2011 jeg har ikke f?et den sidste endnu det er ikke fair

  4. Teylor says:

    my computer has very problem,help me please

  5. levin says:

    my computer is slowing down please send the code for uniblue diskresuce 2009 and system tweaker 2011,2010

  6. levin says:

    please send the setup of system tweaker, to my mail

  7. abbas says:

    Iam like you

  8. William Watson says:

    I have already a serial number for this program.

  9. gar says:

    my computer run so slowly, please tell me what have i to do?
    and give me the liscence for the registry tweaker..

  10. rivo says:

    don’t try to install SystemTweaker, it’ll tweak your PC down and slow. I run into it this slowness bcuz I’ve just done fresh OS installation, so my PC is still healthy and fast, but after installing SystemTweaker which is given-away software, my PC run slowly, my firewall was reported by Microsoft Flag that it’s “turn off” and when I wanted to turn it on using Microsoft Flag offer, it said “cannot be turned on cuz some error”. I then run my new installed Uniblue SystemTweaker I got adverted and downloaded from Softpedia, and found out my firewall was turn off and it offered me to turn it on, and it turned on finally. Also if you run this program it’ll start up so slow like it’s doing something we don’t know, perhaps tweaking our registry down to the hell. So, i’m really sad now. And I’m going to restore my Image Backup for my PC to run normally. I’m worried if I just do system restore (not image restore), my PC is prevented already by Uniblue SystemTweaker 2011 to be restored for some slow-down culprit things in my PC.

    IF you wanna fasten your PC, RE-INSTALL IT, the OS! Back up your important files, and as long as you have your motherboard installation CD you can install over your PC! or if you’re NOtebook/laptop user, most of your driver is located in its company webpage, like mine ASUS. OK, I’m gonna leave to RESTORE MY WINDOWS IMAGE BACKUP. lol

  11. castin says:


  12. shiva says:

    I have bought Registry booster 2010 and earned SystemTweak 2011 for free but i din not registered it yet. How can I do this?

  13. Rick says:

    I have downloaded the system tweaker 2011, Windows related tweaks are really good But I am wondering should I use firewall feature..Bcoz I am already running a firewall.

  14. Please explain to me how register System Tweaker 2011. You can call me at 757-222-xxxx or 757-535-xxxx.

    • admin says:

      Hi Walter,
      I have updated the post on how to register uniblue products. Follow the steps mentioned above.

  15. Abu saleh Shah says:

    This i one of the best software to speed up the PC

  16. annelie kristjansen says:

    Jeg har problemer med at reg. Booster og system Tweaker.
    Ved med sikkerhed at tweaker ikke er reg. da jeg ikke har kunnet indtaste mit serienr.
    Hvad g?r jeg. Kan I evt. kontakte mig pr. tlf. 75551122

  17. bayar says:

    hi thank you, it is very good programm.

  18. llea says:

    hey admin. are you not listening to the problems everyone is having with system tweaker 2011. was that just a gimmick to get us to buy two products and actually only get one for the price.

    i too have not been able to registe mine, but after hearing how the computers of others are slowing down after installing it, is there a bug in it? please trouble shoot this matter or return my noney

  19. Ali Tun?ay ?enlen says:

    Although I bought “Registry Booster 2011” and “System Tweaker 2011” yesterday ungortunately I hadn’t been guided in order to complete the download and registration. Would be so kind as to help me? Thanks.

  20. Ali Tuncay Senlen says:

    Dear sir/Madam,

    Please be informed that I couldn’t download and register the “System Booster 2011” and “System Tweaker 2011” although I’ve already paid relevant price. Will you be so kind to complete the procedure?

    Ali Tun?ay ?enlen

    Serial No: RB-FZ2R-AFARV-RSS4B-TK39-RQXUC-GGPXV (Registry Booster 2011)
    Serial No: SF-FS2R-7RWH2-MS3A2-D2AW-9JM4G-FLJ3B (System Tweaker 2011)

  21. omprakash says:

    Dear sir/Madam,

    Please be informed that I couldn?t download and register the ?Reimage PC repair online? and ?Reimage PC repair online? although I?ve already paid relevant price. Will you be so kind to complete the procedure?

  22. abdenour bounmoura says:

    hi can you halp me please…..

  23. knowledge says:

    soundz like every one is having problems with this system tweaker or uniblue system, hmmm it soundz dodgy to me.

  24. upasana says:

    i have the software register booster bt yet not hv a key for that so plz help me for findin out that…

  25. good

  26. winmer says:

    what a seriak key for systemtweaker,exe tnx 😀

  27. THARAKA says:

    my computer run so slowly, please tell me what have i to do?
    and give me the license for the registry tweaker..

  28. THARAKA says:

    2011 which is available for free

  29. Sahap Dursun Kayhan says:

    I am a new user for system tweaker. I am waiting for your helps.
    Thank you.

  30. Sahap Dursun Kayhan says:

    I am a new user for your software System Tweaker. I have not any knowledge
    about nthis case.
    Thank you.

  31. par says:

    July 27,2011
    Last night I purchased Registry Booster 2011 however I was not able to download System weaker 2011.
    Please let know how I do it no URL to the download site.
    Also there is no telephone # to call for questions or tech support. How can I solve my problems?
    I lost some of my desktop icons what to do?
    It takes too much time to search on line to solve problem. Please let me know what to do? Thanks

  32. DAVY says:


  33. julius says:

    it is one of the best software in the world

  34. Charitha says:

    very good software

  35. kehinde says:

    how can i get the serial number………….?

  36. I bought System Tweaker 2011. I had to reset my system. Now when I try to put in the serial number into the empty field it says it is incorrect number and incorrect format. How do I get to the site where I can use the System Tweaker 2011 that I bought?

  37. rijad says:

    I want this program to download to my PC

  38. hery says:

    how can i get the serial number

  39. samer says:


  40. agha says:

    i like it

  41. James Magro says:

    I found the same crack but without the password at keygenpen.

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