How to Use Single use Code to Secure Windows Live ‘Hotmail and Live Accounts’

Windows Live user’s can secure their account against keylogger program if they are using public or shared computer.? Keylogger program or similar scripts capture’s your user name and password? by analyzing? the keystrokes, this keystroke information will be? recorded and may be saved as a text document on a remote FTP server. Later, hacker can pull the records from the server about your login details.

Single use Code is available only for Windows Live user’s (i.e Hotmail &Live mail). Gmail and Yahoo does not support signing in via a single sign on code. But this feature is not implemented on all the countries. It’s available only in a few countries which include United States, Australia, Spain, France, Netherlands, Turkey, United Kingdom,Germany, China, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, Columbia, Guernsey, Isle of Man and Jersey

Let’s check what is a Single Sign on Code in Windows Live
Instead of regular email account password. A single sign on code can be used to sign in to your email account. This is more secured because? single sign on code will get expire immediately after the first sign in and can be used only one session.

How to Setup Windows Live Single Sign on Code

1. Add Mobile? Phone to your Windows Live account- Adding this mobile phone number can help verify your account. Also if you forget your password, you can use this number to reset your password. Once you?ve verified, you can proceed? using “Single use Code to Sign in”? feature.

2.Click the ?Get a single use code to sign in with? as shown in below? picture.

single singn in code windows live

3.Now you? need to click the ?Get one here? link next to ?Don?t have a code??

4.Enter your email address and phone number,? click the ?Send text message? button.

5.You will receive code to your phone. Type your user name and? the same code as password to log- in.

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