How to Remove Ads on Yahoo Messenger 11 using Ad Banner Remover Plus

I am sure many Yahoo user’s have already switched to Yahoo Messenger 11, New messenger always comes with some great features but the most annoying things on certain messengers are ads. In fact, some of them start playing ads as soon as you sign in to messengers.

As we all know Yahoo Messenger displays it’s? ads in the main window and also in the chat window and web-cam window. If you want to remove these ads from the Yahoo Messenger 11 you have one wonderful freeware available i.e Ad Banner Remover Plus you can also use this free software as portable tool, so let’s see how to turn off or disable ads in Yahoo Messenger 11 using Ad Banner Remover Plus

Ad Banner Remover Plus features and review :

  • Remove Main Messenger Advert
  • Remove Chat Room Advert
  • Replace Web-cam Adverts
  • Replace Change Room Banner
  • Replace Video Call Advert ? (This is applicable for Yahoo Messenger 11 and 10 Only)

Also you can Enable or Disable Yahoo UI Options using Ad Banner Remover Plus

  • Remove Voice Button
  • Remove Insider Button
  • Remove Email Button
  • Remove Mobile Button
  • Remove Contact Card
  • Remove YUpdates Tab
  • Remove System Notifications
  • Remove Plug-ins Toolbar
  • Remove Contacts Tab

Free Download Ad Banner Remover Plus for Yahoo Messenger 11


  1. Brittney Cavallari says:

    It doesn’t work. This is the old version, and it doesn’t work with the new Yahoo 11.

  2. Ian says:

    not compatible with version 11

  3. Kevin says:

    Yahoo ad remover for V11, Well it only works on V10 and prior. So what is with the File name.

  4. Harry says:

    Here is the homepage for the program:
    The latest version works great on my current yahoo

  5. dedi says:

    thanks Harry….

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