How to Disable some specific add-on in Internet Explorer

This is especially useful when Internet explorer crashes, hangs or slow to start even when it gives some error message.These browser issues probably caused by an add-on. Some buggy add-ons may monitor your web browsing habits and also it can? gather your personal information.

So let’s check How to Manage Internet Explorer Add-ons and Disable Specific add-on

  • Close all of the programs you have running in your browser.
  • Click on the “Tools” on the main Menu Bar and select “Internet options”
  • Click the Programs tab.
  • Click Manage add-ons.
  • Select the Add-on you wish to disable, then click the Disable radio button.
  • Click OK to exit the Manage Add-ons menu and click OK to exit the Internet Options menu.
  • Restart Internet Explorer for changes to take effect.

Using these steps you can fix most of the Internet explorer issue’s which is caused by an add-on.

Internet Explorer Issues & Solutions

Also Try this (Internet Explorer running without add-ons)

1.Click Start > Run

2.In the Open box type “iexplore -extoff” and then click on OK or press Enter.

3.You will get a new Internet Explorer window running without add-ons and a prompt message ?to manage internet explorer add-ons, you can use?this command as a shortcut?to troubleshoot internet explorer.

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