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Recently, we posted a review of Firefox adblock plus ad blocker add-on by Wladimir Palant, Adblock plus is very popular and one of the best Firefox addon. Initially adblock for chrome was little difficult to find because, when Google launched its browser, they allowed only few add-ons to work with Chrome.

Basically, this ad blocker contains a java script that regulates the CSS of the particular web-page and hides the elements of the web-page that show advertisements to reader. Google Chrome users have tried different addons and extension scripts to get rid of annoying ads.

Let?s take a look at ad blocker extensions for Google Chrome.

adblock for google chrome

Download Adblock for Chrome:

This is one of the popular Google chrome ad blocker extension. Using this addon you can block almost all advertisements, not only this also you can stop ads get downloaded in to your browser. Everything as of now looks great in this addon and we can only hope it will be even better, the recent version has fixed most of the bugs.

Visit Chrome extensions to download Adblock.

chrome adblock plus

AdSweep is another Ad blocker Addon for Google Chrome:

Adsweep works better and faster with Opera and also you can consider for Google Chrome. Overall it?s a good addon to block all ads, AdSweep also works with web browsers such as Opera, Google Chrome, Chromium, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

Download AdSweep

Google Chrome Adblock for Mac Users:

Mac user’s can try this adblock extension Soon we will be updating new adblock addon for Mac user’s.

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