Firefox Adblock Plus Review

I have different browsers (beta versions for testing), but I find myself still using Mozilla Firefox, because there is a lot you can do with Firefox when it comes to customization and you can change the way you want.

Normally, when a web page loads in Firefox or any other browser, we all quite annoyed by all those video ads and flash ads, some times as soon as you click on a link in? Google search, before the content? there are at-least 2 horrible ads welcome you with music and video’s. Majority of sites on internet are using contextual ads,? I do not want to complain regular advertisement they don’t really bother us.? However, these flash ads along with regular advertisement are unavoidable. Let’s see how to get rid of these ads using a firefox plugin.

Congratulations to Wladimir Palant and the Adblock Plus community.
Firefox adblock plus filter list allows you to view only the content without loading big banners and other annoying ads. Adblock Plus does its job very well , this plugin has? already completed 100 million download from Firefox users all over the world.

Firefox adblock plus

Firefox adblock plus plugin is very easy to install and configure, with the existing? filter list it can block all the web ads and known malware domains.

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