How to Increase Download Speed in Firefox using Flashgot

We often download files from internet, in order to make our job easy there are many download manager addons available for Firefox,? Firefox built in download manger does only it’s basic job, that’s why I am using Download manager addon to speed up my downloading,?. The best part with this plugin is multi? part downloads, But the problem is some time you may restart downloading,? if the queue is more than 5. So I am trying a new addon i.e Firefox Flashgot

download Flashgot Firefox addonFirefox Flashgot Review

This plugin accelerates download speeds within Firefox and it has some cool shortcuts so that you can download file very quick. The main goal is to increase the speed of downloading and download multiple file at the same time, You will also have an option to ‘Pause’ and ‘Resume’ the download. Flashgot Firefox addon is compatible with latest version Firefox i.e 3.6 and this is one of the best and simple addon to download files. This plugin supports Windows/Mac OS X

  • Ctrl-F3 shortcut identifies all the links in the current page and forwards them to the Flashgot download manager.
  • Ctrl-F7 shortcut is very helpful, when you play streaming videos like Youtube or any other video or audio clip, it detects video played so far in the current? page and sends them to the download manager So you save your downloading time here

Download Flashgot for Firefox

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