Top 10 Free iPad Apps

Just like any other gadgets, iPad application developer’s are busy in building new applications for apple ipad. There are plenty of different applications are available for iPad. In order? to get the most out of this gadget I am going to list? Top 10? Popular iPad Applications, which are very useful and its free.?

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Top 10 Free Applications Every iPad user should have

1. Dropbox for ipad

The new version of Dropbox for iPad is much better than iPhone version. Using this application you can easily sync and share your files online and on multiple computers
Dropbox features: You can export documents to native iPad apps such as Keynote and Pages. Also you can export Dropbox files to other Apple iPhone apps. This application helps you to save photos and videos taken with your iPhone?s camera to your Dropbox so that you can easily share and? view photos, videos, documents, and presentations in your Dropbox any time.

dropbox for ipad

2. Apple?s iBook

Apple?s iBooks application works really good with iPad’s large screen. Definitely you will enjoy this application while reading e books. This is a free application so you can try this downloading a sample book from ibook store.

apple ibook

3. TweetDeck for ipad

If you want to handle multiple twitter accounts and? sync searches between other? gadgets you have TweetDeck installed on, then TweetDeck for iPad is useful for you.

ipad twiter

4.? ABC Playeripad

This apps looks to be a great way to watch your favorite ABC shows anywhere any time. Definitely you will enjoy this app on iPad’s large screen

abc player in ipad

5. Ebay for iPad

Ebay for iPad makes shopping on the Apple iPad much better than ever before, sell, buy and pay anytime using ebay application for ipad

ebay for ipad

6. Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List

This app is from popular food? recipes site, You can check all the popular recipes and shop with interactive shopping lists that let you buy items as you find them at the store. This gives you all the breakfast to dinner information and ideas.

Epicurious for ipad

7. Fluent News Reader

Interested in reading news and stay updated.? Fluent News Reader delivers top news stories based on categories and topics which you select. Few popular sources? are Wall Street Journal, Fox News, CNN, Time, USA Today etc.

fluent reader for ipad

8. Bloomberg for iPad

Are you an investor or Trader? Bloomberg delivers all financial information to your ipad. So that you can analyze market up and downs.


9. Loopt Pulse for ipad

Loopt Pulse app for iPad can show you beautiful places to go and things to do with your friends using maps, photos and reviews.

loopt pulse for ipad

10.? SimpleNote for ipad

SimpleNote for ipad is one of the best free app available in order to keep notes, lists, ideas. This is also most used free note-taking app on the iPhone as well.You have an option of Sync to share notes with other gadgets.

loopt for ipad

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