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This Free Giveaway is conducted by V3 stores, this time they are giving away ?26.99/ Rs.799 worth 1 year AVG AntiVirus 9 commercial edition License for Free to every one. [Read more…]

Fix Iphone ios 4.0.1 Error on Itunes ‘This iPhone could not be restored. This device isn?t eligible for the requested build’ Error codes:1004,1015.

We’ve been hearing for quite some time. Many people report this error in forums, So follow the instruction to fix this error and restore iPhone 4,3GS to i.O.s 4.0.1
Symptoms: You may get this error, if you are running iOs 4..0.1 with iPhone 4 or iPhone 3Gs. This happens usually when you try to restore your iPhone back to iOs 4.0.1. While doing this iTunes will prompt a error saying : ?This iPhone could not be restored. This device isn?t eligible for the requested build” [Read more…]

How to Remove Computer Virus for Free

Computer virus removal!!! I know it is a tough task, because it’s very difficult to judge what kind of virus is there in your Windows computer. Recently my Windows computer was infected with a malware called “Windows Antivirus 2010” [Read more…]

Belkin F5U409 USB PDA Adapter Driver Download and installation

Belkin F5U409 is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP? 32 bit computers, however there is no driver for windows 7 on Bekin site, It also supports Mac OS 9.X? and 8.X

Belkin F5U409 driver

Belkin F5U409 driver installation

Note: Do not plugged in the adapter before the Belkin F5U409 driver installation.

  • You can run the downloaded driver file, ignore the windows warning message and click on “Continue anyway” once you finish setup,? plug in the Belkin adapter and you will get a pop up message [Read more…]

Setup Belkin Wireless G Router without CD

Note: This article will show you how to? setup Belkin router manually and connect your computer to the wireless network, you can always use? installation CD for configuration, if that fails you go through the manual process.

Basic step before proceeding with any of the troubleshooting steps lets power-cycle? modem and router

  1. Unplug the power cord of your Internet Modem
  2. Power off the router by? unplugging the Belkin router from the power outlet (electric wall socket) as well. (IMPORTANT: Leave both the devices off for at least 60 seconds)
  3. Then power on Internet modem first by plugging power cord back in and wait for 60 seconds until all the lights gets steady.
  4. Once you see all the lights lit on the modem power on your Belkin router by plugging the power adapter into an electric outlet.

Now see if you can access internet if not reboot your computer and check for internet connectivity. This is the easiest workaround to fix any modem-router issues.


Let’s say you’ve lost your original CD or your unable to setup router using CD, Still you can configure your Belkin wireless? G plus router manually using? the web interface (GUI).

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belkin wireless router setup

Belkin Wireless Router Setup

???? Step 1 : Log on to Belkin G Setup Page

This is applicable for? Belkin recent models N600, N300 and Belkin N150 as-well. It’s very easy to access Belkin settings page, make sure ethernet cables are connected properly. you can follow the above link if you’re not sure how to connect cable between router, modem and computer.

Now, type Belkin router ip address by going to start and RUN window or type it in the address bar of your web browser (internet explorer/safari/Firefox) and you will be able to see router settings page.

[Read more…]