How to Clear a Browser Cache

Clear Browser Cache and Cookies


Browser accumulates tons of files each time you access internet and visit different web pages. By clearing Cache you can free up some space in your browser, this improves browser performance and speed. Delete cache and cookies often so that you can keep Browser fresh.

Clear Cache in Internet Explorer 7

  • Go to Tools (top right corner) and then select the last option? “Internet Options”
  • Under General tab you will find? Browsing history section, Click on Delete
  • Click on delete files, Delete Cookies, Delete history and forms.
  • Press ‘YES’ when it prompts while deleting.

Clear Cache in Internet Explorer 8

  • Top right corner select “SAFETY” menu and then click on “delete Browsing History”
  • Check the box? “Temporary Internet files and History”
  • Then Click Delete.
  • It takes few seconds to delete cache.

Clear Cache and Cookies in Firefox 3 and 3.5 versions

  • Go to “Tools”? select “Clear Recent History” in drop down menu
  • Check cache and Cookies? or else press (Ctrl+Shift+Del)
  • Click on Clear now.

Clear Cache in Safari

  • Go to Safari menu and select “Reset Safari
  • Select “Empty the Cache and remove all Cookies” from drop down menu
  • It will prompt you? if you really want to delete the cache.
  • Click on “Empty” and continue.

Free PayPal application for Iphone

PayPal launches latest version 2.0 PayPal mobile application for Iphone and PayPal users,
It allows you to send money and also you can withdraw money out of your PayPal account and deposit it into your bank account. This application has integration with Bump TechnologiesBump is a quick and easy way to connect two phones by simply bumping them together. Exchange your phone number, photos, or compare friends with just a bump

Application Features: You can exchange money, It includes Bump money transfers which allows users to exchange and transfer funds simply by tapping two IPhones together between their PayPal accounts,
This application also provides options like? Calculator and Bill Splitter? using this feature you can request money from multiple users for a joint purchase.
You can download the free app here.

Download Opera Mini 5 Beta to your Android phone

opera for Android

A few weeks back here we dropped information about Opera Mini 5 for Apple,? Now Opera Mini 5 beta is available for Android users who have been stuck with opera mini 4.2,? Opera mini is new entry to the world of compressed browsers. This browser compresses data up to 90 percent before downloading web content to Android.
The Opera mini 5 beta is equipped with an updated features that includes a new? speed dial and thumbnails of most-visited sites.
Full details:

  • Creating new tabs is very easy
  • Password Manager
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Speed Dial:? This feature gives? you one-touch access to 9 of your favorite sites.

Opera says ?It makes your mobile browsing experience as close as it can be to your desktop experience.?
I don?t think it renders either JavaScript or Flash content still its beta version.

Download Opera Mini 5 directly to your Android phone- visit??

For more information Visit here

Opera 10.53 Beta Fastest Browser for Windows

Opera introduced a new JavaScript engine “Carakan” and a new graphics library system called Vega which improves the speed of browser.
Opera 10.5 is available for windows based computers. Opera 10.50 is currently available for Windows and comes in 42 different languages. Mac and Linux versions are coming soon.

Best Feature of Opera 10.5
: After using the browser for myself I liked the design and the feature i.e Turbo mode, If your using a slow internet connection Turbo mode compresses the web-pages, So web pages loads faster.
You have Private tab or even private window browsing option, Here Browser will clear all the traces of browsing history, And also Windows 7 and Vista os,? Makes Opera 10.5 compatible with Aero Glass, Aero Peek and Jump Lists with these platforms.
Web Designers tools for developers -Opera 10.50 includes improved standards support for HTML5 and CSS3 .All in all I’d say its a good browser.


Free Opera Browser Download for Windows (Opera 10.53 More Innovative and powerful)

Seesmic’s new version integrated with for BlackBerry

Seesmic’s Blackberry application

Seesmic application for BlackBerry helps you to manage your Twitter account at your finger tips ,? You can view your friend’s status updates also you have an option to add multiple Twitter accounts by integration of

UberTwitter is the existing most popular Twitter client for BlackBerry, which helps multiple Twitter accounts? ( recently they have released ubertwitter Beta-7 with many features and fixed few bugs).

Most Popular Twitter clients tracked by TwitSat

Twitsat report shows Tweetie has acquired 7.69% percent users, Hootsuite ? 4.65% percent users, Seesmic 3.54% percent users, UberTwitter – 1.61%, TweetCaster- 0.09%,

Seesmic’s app climbing the ladder now since integrated with? Seesmic.
Seesmic for BlackBerry now supports Multi-Accounts up to 50 social networks with help of so you can engage in social conversations. You can select any account to post a new tweet, you can view profiles, post replies, direct messages, retweet, and you have an option for photo uploading size (Small,? Medium or Large),? It includes the ability to share pictures through Tweetphoto.
So your Twitter experience will be much faster and easy on BlackBerry smart phones.

Best Features

  • Background Notifications of Seesmic on your BlackBerry- Seesmic for BlackBerry will alert you when it receives Direct Messages and Replies,While it is running in the background,Just like mail, sms and voice-mails alerts.
  • URL Shortening-It converts your long URL into a small one.
  • Saved search and Photo sharing-It keeps a track of saved search on your Twitter account